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Happy Saturday Morning! I think this morning has been the most productive this whole week. Well around the house anyway. If you don’t call getting kids to school on time to doctors appointments on time ect… Today I got up, started laundry (as usual…or not as usual) made bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese for the fam, (a breakfast burrito special order for the Hubs) cleaned up the stove and dishes and electric grill for the bacon. I had to iron The Girls costume, had the kids fold a load of laundry. The Hubs is our spraying moss killer on the shed roof ( I am perched by the window so I can call 911 if he falls) and the boy and The Hubs got in some Xbox time as well as we all sat around the table for breakfast this morning! That is after sleeping in until 8! Great start to the weekend here at the Earl household!

The Boy has baseball practice today and the Girl is on day 2 of Dance competition! We are all meeting this afternoon at the competition and staying over there tonight. The kids will have some time to play in the pool (there is some downtime from dance Yay!) the boys may go into Seattle to watch a Secret to Being Happylaser light show, they do that on occasion when the girl is at a close competition. Then tomorrow the Girl Competes her solo for the last Scheduled time this year unless she goes to Nationals. We haven’t decided on that one yet. She wants to win a scholarship to Nationals with her solo this weekend. I don’t even know if this competition does that, but she is trying anyway!

Then after dance tomorrow the In-Laws are taking the kids home for spring break! Yay! The Hubs and I finally get some down time. I am hoping it lingers over the weekend so we can really enjoy. If not the Hubs has teased about maybe taking a day off during the week. Guess what is on the agenda for that day? You guessed, we are not getting out of bed! Maybe for a snack but not at least until 2 or so! I am so excited for a break!

So we are right in the middle of normal everyday life! There is a really weird part of me that is kind of loving it! For at least this morning the kids are happy the Hubs is happy we are all feeling pretty happy up in here! Even in the dull moments of life we all must sit back and just enjoy the fact that we have life and can breathe! Just that is a blessing!

Spring break is beginning and I am so in love with my life and family! Go find something about yours that you enjoy and soak it all in today! Spread a layer of love over everyone even when you are in the middle of boring normal life!