It is Spring Break! It has been a busy weekend! The Girl had her last competition of the season! I love watching her dance, I am going to miss that! She was great! We were all having high hopes of great scores overall awards and the call “3rd Place with a Gold” …I hate judges! My Girl was awesome she did everything her teacher asked straight back leg in her lunges, ‘when you snake from this move to this move,’ she was fierce on that stage, might have been the best run this year. Apparently the judges were looking for something else or just don’t know a good dancing 10 year old when they see one. Oh well, I know and she knows she did great! It will be interesting to see the judging sheets with their comments!

To add to the fun this weekend, yesterday, I was driving my car and clipped a corner curb thing and gouged my tire! WTF?! Who gouges a tire while driving around the corner?! Well, sitting here talking with a friend these curbs are particularly different there is a high point between the ramps that go to the cross walk in each direction. Anyway the Hubs had to drive home with the car fix the sidewall and I went to get him with the truck we made it back to watch the end of dance down and awards last night. But we missed our daughter’s audition dance that apparently she did awesome but was not selected (shocking)! No worries, she is amazing in our book and I think she knows she is too. I sound very bitter about judges but she really is amazing, what parent doesn’t think that?

So after the car issues and scoring sadness this morning we took the kids to a feel better lunch/dinner with Grams and Gramps and sent them home with them! We are sitting at our favorite watering hole with adult beverages sitting in front of us, just because we can! We are kid less for a few days! We both …actually we all …need a break! No kids for us, no dance, no sports for the kids we all get to rest for the week. Aside from, I start back officially at my Massage office tomorrow and The Hubs has to work but we are officially on parental vacay! No kids in the house means no closed doors, or having to be quiet when we romp! Maybe just maybe we can get one day of just being in bed having day sex all day! I am hoping to have at least one day to not have to get out of bed! I will probably be missing them by Tuesday bit will enjoy the alone time!

Happy Spring break everyone!!


Happy Spring Break Everyone!!!