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So I am taking a quick break…at least I thought a quick break to call on a medical bill that should have been paid but wasn’t. Well the stupid company had their shit out of sorts and were out of network and can’t figure out how to submit it properly after I have told them at least five times. Then they decide that customer service doesn’t exist and are rude to me all the while I am dealing with this on my quick break that turned into an hour on the phone dealing with a big company overtaking a smaller company that didn’t get their paperwork done and there was a lapse in there credentialing and now this is my fault and they are doing me a favor by “discounting” their services but I have to submit paper work proving they screw shit up! Yeah not a happy camper! What the fuck happened to customer service?Or businesses who actually took care of their business instead of just billing customers just in case they didn’t notice and decided to just write the check to make it go away?!Clean house all day

Yesterday I told the Hubs I could get the house cleaned in one day so, yeah I needed that hour that I lost and I don’t have time to spend on blogging about it I have to go finish cleaning! I am making good progress though! More later maybe!