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Hello everyone! Happy Good Friday! This morning I am waking up with two extra kids in the house (do you remember this was supposed to be a kid-less week). The boy got sick and they came home so we decided to let them have friends spend the night last night. They were so good last night. The boys slept in the front room watched a movie last night and the Girls watched a movie on Netflix on a tablet in her bedroom. I heard someone up at about 2am it was the Girl’s friend going to the bathroom. But they were all really good and it is 8:49 and I haven’t heard a peep from them yet today.Tender Loving Care

This is Good Friday. I am using today as a new start day (boy, I have a lot of those). It is the first day of the new 12 week weight loss challenge I am in. I weighed in today at +1 pound from where I started the last 12 week challenge in January! Which is frustrating since I lost 10 pounds in January alone and slowly it crept back up the last two months! I need to stop making excuses and push through and reach my goal. I am considering a Dry April…and May. And no carbs. I did dry January and no carb January I did very good that is how I lost 10 pounds and organized my kitchen and laundry room. I think the carbs for me have more to do with it than the booze unless I go to drinking the sugary drinks and/or beer. So I am going to really limit my consumption of those things (carbs and alcohol) at the very least. I should also go old fashion, record everything I eat, count calories and drink more water! When it comes to weight loss it is a math equation, calories in calories out. That is a good theory but I know for me it is a little more than that.

I don’t want to make my life all about food, what I can eat or what I can’t eat but I need to be serious and focused or I will be here where I am at forever. I would be lying if I said my weight does not define me. If I say this enough I will believe it! I hate that in my head or heart, who knows which, but really it does. I hate that, I don’t want it to! I sabotage myself daily! I love to workout but make excuses not to. I eat when stressed, unfocused, bored, sad and happy. I love to eat sweets and sometimes more than others I can easily avoid bread or carbs. I know that for my body I do better on a low carb plan. I just have to follow the plan and stop making excuses.

Usually when I am gaining weight it has a direct correlation to when my house is a mess and the family is running around crazy busy. If I have it all together I am usually pretty focused in all areas of my life. When I have given up on house work I have also given up on my clean eating, usually. I can focus I can stay in it. I did it for a month in January Let’s start that energy over again, Ruby, you can do it! Plan, keep those plans and follow through! I can do this!

What holds you back? I have no idea what it is for me. That’s a lie, it is focus. I get down easily sometimes and the I just apply the Fuck it rule and give up! So now I am going to say FOCUS! No excuses and if there is a slip up I will re-FOCUS. The theme of spring for me will be FOCUS. The house cleaning, food consumption, exercise…FOCUS on my goal. What do you need to focus on? What is lacking in your life and what is getting in your way? In my life it is me getting in the way and making excuses! FOCUS is the key!Focus

Thank you readers here you help me sort out what is in my head. I appreciate all of you! Maybe some of my struggles will help inspire you. I hope I can no I will, write a success story over the next 12 weeks and not the failures that I have written so far. (I.E. my giving up carbs for lent, yeah that lasted a day or two) Focus is key and I will do this! The way I have been doing Sex Love and Washing Clothes. I will re-up the commitment on that as well. The Washing Clothes part has kind of back slidden a bit! The Sex is still going strong, Love that! Sometimes it is still hard to do it everyday but I have a great partner in crime in that and he usually makes it easy for me by his great foreplay and drive!

So this Good Friday I am choosing to have a good out look on my life goals. Clean house, slimmer figure, prepared for my races! I must focus on the Goal and not let a birthday party or a fun night out derail my focus! I can do this what is your Good Friday fresh start goal? FOCUS is key!

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! What do you need to focus on?