Late post today why you ask? I must have had a crazy day with the kids on spring break or something right? Um, no. I was hung over! I had such a fun time with the hubs on our date night. What was the occasion you ask it was Wednesday, date night. We were at our favorite watering hole. We did Karaoke, I even got the hubs to get up and sing with me and I got to sing a lot! We had set a curfew before we left we were going to be home by midnight. So the hubs could get up for work and I could get up to make his breakfast and lunch for him. Well, on our way out we ran into our friend whose 30th birhtday it was! So we ended up staying out to celebrate for a few moments. This is when I acquired the hang over. I have no idea when we go home.Hangovers

I remember a shot of Tequilla but something tells me there were more than that. I just looked over to the Hubs and asked. He raised four fingers on his hand. Which explains to me why I was sleeping next to my favorite mixing bowl last night. Wait, what? Four shots? OMG I really need to get better at sticking to curfew! The Hubs is so nice to me. He gets me water, gets my bowl next to me. Brings me ibuprofen to help prevent my hang over, which apparently I turned down last night. Usually the rule of my life is that if I puke I don’t get hung over but not today! ANd those hang over rules are not consistant! Holly fuck, it hurt to just lay here! Luckily my kids are pretty self-sufficient they even made a “big lunch” (their words) which means pasta for lunch. It hurt so much that even sitting on the couch with the laptop was going to be too painful. My eyes hurt the few times I had to respond to or read a text message.

I tend to get hung over easily. I thought I had figured out that if I avoided sugary drinks then I wouldn’t get hung over. If I eat with my drinks I tend to be able to avoid it. If I have carbs it is better so if I am eating healthy I usually end up with a hang over. What are the best ways to avoid it? Ooh ooh ooh pick me I know the answer: Don’t drink that much! It is such and easy concept but for some reason there are quite a few of us in this world that cannot figure that out! I enjoyed my night. Not the puking and definitely not the way I felt today. Days like today make months like dry January possible for me. I have considered a dry April and for today that sounds divine.

When I am doing a dry month I will go to our favorite watering hole and drink the same drink without vodka. Water with muddled fruit no vodka. I wake up feeling hydrated and lively vs dehydrated and almost dead. But there is something about that almost dead feeling that I keep coming back to. Tipping back a few drinks and chilling with the friends is enjoyable. However I don’t need the drinks to kick back with friends.

I need to give a shout out the Hubs. He takes really good care of me when I am drunk. He will even hold my hair while I puke my guts out! He won’t even take no so attractive pictures of me to embarrass me with later. He also will not take advantage of me when I am blacked out when he knows I probably won’t remember. He is a good guy! And I love that he even sang with me last night. He loves me.

So there you have it my blog for today. A very unproductive meaningless day that is a hangover day. However, I did get groceries for tonight’s sleepovers and met with the other massage therapist in my office to talk decorating our space. I am feeling better after getting up at 1 and moving. Going to go back with the family and eat pizza. We have two extra kids tonight, we let the kids each has a friend over, should be a fun night. I am glad that I got so much cleaning done Tuesday since yesterday the kids foiled my day and today I did with a hang over. Had fun last night and paid for it today! Oh well, YOLO, right?