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So last night at the ATM when we were getting cash out to go to our favorite restaurant for breakfast this morning (they only accept cash) The Hubs noticed that someone had hit and run my car. They hit the front fender. No note that said sorry with contact info or even just sorry dude and no info! Who does that? I am sure they know that my car is probably not cheap to fix and is no longer in production so they didn’t want to be responsible for paying for it but come on people! At least leave a note. fuck excusesThere are no paint markings or evidence from the other car and it is on the passenger side front fender so I have no idea what car or when or what parking lot it happened in!

Are people really not that responsible to care enough about other people to say they are sorry? What is wrong with our world? I am not going to get all philosophical or political or religious but seriously isn’t it common courtesy when you bump into someone you say your sorry?

Have we gotten to the place that no one will take into consideration of others feelings? Especially if it could mean costing you to fix it? No consideration for others responsibilities, others possessions. So many people care about their stuff or things or families but could care less about others! Sometimes to my own detriment I care too much about others. I know my husband gets mad at me sometimes for not taking care of me first and worrying about what other people will be affected and not make sure I am the one in the best spot!

If someone says something you don’t agree with do you turn off your ears and don’t listen. Do you get mad and angry that they think differently than you? Do you get mad when someone tells you something that is wrong? Do you argue with them? Do you try to tell them the right information and support your case with facts that you know? Of do you just get pissed and want to settle it with fists? What causes people to be so different? Why can’t we all just get along? Is this why people don’t own up to their mistakes?

I feel like many people need to learn to respect each other. Understand we all have different stories that we are dealing with in life and it is not always easy. Some people are worse off than ourselves and some people are better off than you but that does not give you the right to be rude or jealous or to not own up to what you fucked up! Nor does it give them the excuse to treat you that way either.

When I come into a disagreement with someone, I tend to be the type that just gives it up at a certain point when I realize I am not getting anywhere with those people. I stops talking about the subject when that someone else is wrong or won’t listen to why I think I am right. I don’t care if they know what is right or not, I don’t care if they think I am wrong. At a certain point I know they don’t matter in my life and I just move on. Does this make me too passive? I don’t know, I don’t think it makes my way right or wrong. I pick my battles. I think all of us in this world should do better at picking our battles. This world would be so much more peaceful.

There needs to be a place of mutual respect for everyone. If we don’t have mutual respect for everyone we will never “just get along”. We all need a way to learn to respect each other and agree to disagree sometimes. That doesn’t mean you are wrong it means you respect someone else’s view-point and you can still have a conversation and respect that persons story, it does not necessarily mean you agree with them!

Anyway this is obviously a soap box issue to me! Common CourtMind your own businessesy not just to those you love and know but to everyone, no matter their story and no matter how rude they are to you. Smile at each other, leave a note if you damage someone else property! Don’t steal property or ideas. Agree to disagree don’t be a high pressure sales person of you points of view. Shut up and listen to someone else’s point of view. You don’t have to agree, you may get a better understanding of why they feel that way! Can we please just try to have common courtesy and not be so selfish and rude.

Can everyone think of someone else and how they will be affected before we decide our way is right? Can we respect others beliefs and understand that sometimes others doing what they believe is right does not affect us directly and respect them and let them live their life the way they want to and in turn we get to live our life the way we want to? Is that asking too much, probably but it is a dream of mine that I would like to see happen in my lifetime!

When in doubt have more sex!