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Happy Easter! May today bring family and love and good food your way. Easter is about the resurrection. A new beginning. For me it is about health I have been waking up hurting, I think it has to do with me eating more breads and pasta and sugar and junk. I think that it is time to stop eating wheat (at least as much) drink more water and exercise. After today though because just like many american households, holidays are a time to gather friends and family and celebrate with a nice meal around the formal dining table with the fancy dishes. Yes I am participating in that sort of memory making today.Easter

We started with a Breakfast Casserole this morning which started out being a Christmas morning breakfast, then we had it for Superbowl and game day mornings and today for Easter. My In Laws do not normally celebrate Easter the way I grew up celebrating (Church, Easter Egg Hunt and Big Holiday Dinner). I love the resurrection story. I love and miss going to church and the music and ceremonies involved. I love celebrating and I love family. So for the last few years I have tried to get the extended family together on Easter.

The In Laws are coming over today (my mom does stuff with her church friends and family). We are making Clams for and appetizer, a Beer Cheddar and Blue cheese soup and Chicken Courdon Blue with Cheesey Hashbrown potatoes and Ceasar Salad. The MIL is bringing Apple Pie. We also have some yummy Sparkling wine and drinks to go along with it. The Girl is making her famous Lemonade. So we have more food than we need which is an American Tradition for all holidays right? Maybe if I think of it after dinner today I will post pictures of the yumminess! If not you will just need to imagine what it looks like!

The kids got “Easter Baskets” that consisted of a new water bottle filled with candy. We don’t do a lot of presents in our family. When we do they are meaningful. I tried to write a sweet note and of course came up blank with something cute and memorable to write but was something like “Thank you for being you and take care of you body and stay hydrated. Love you mom” I wrote ‘love you so much’ on one kid’s card and only ‘love you’ on the other so they of course noticed that and pointed it out and made me feel guilty about it. Oops…WTF? Why couldn’t they notice that I wrote something and be thankful? I am so glad to be getting together with the family today.  I hope you all enjoy this day with your family or with special people!

To new beginnings and resurrection and good food facilitating memories! Happy Easter!