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Happy Tuesday! It has been a week since my power cleaning the house front to back and guess what…it is still clean!  Yay me! Actually that is incorrect, it is clean again and it has been clean everyday at least at one point of everyday! Sunday, we had a family dinner and went to bed with a less thaN spotless kitchen as there were some dishes left in the sink that didn’t fit in the dishwasher and I was too tired to do them by hand after the day of cooking! But the myth of “keep up with it, it just takes a little everyday” is partly true, partly false.

It takes work everyday! More than a little here a little there. It takes committed work everyday! Yes I took about an hour yesterday afternoon to watch TV and take a power nap. The Hubs teaches a class on Mondays so he is not home until 9:30 or so, which means I had extra time to get stuff done yesterday. So the power nap and down time was a doable option. Share everythingI do like the house being clean, it is not ‘easy’ work, while it is not super ‘hard’ work either it is just tedious committed and not very rewarding (in my opinion) work! Especially with the adage that I must have it done by the time the family gets home. I need to and want to learn to delegate and get help from the family but I feel so guilty asking for help. I feel like that is my dues I pay to live here! It should not be like that, I work hard I put a lot of effort into this family and this household even without having the house spotless!

Yesterday I read an article written by a man who said he can’t afford his stay at home wife. He calculated the cost of hiring her work out by calculating what a nanny, personal chef, housekeeper, chauffeur, financial planner, PR representative and many other roles we moms play what it would be if he had to pay for her to do all of that as if that was her paying job. It was over $75 Grand and that was a very conservative number looking at the fees he was basing it off of. The only thing on his list that I don’t do was bill paying. Seventy five thousand dollars and my kids and husband sometimes treat me like I am not “pulling” my weight because they think I sit at home and eat bon bons all day! I hate the question “what did you do today?” Well, it started with me making you breakfast and went from there! The kids give me grief if I miss a function at school because sometimes I have to get groceries at that time or like today I have an appointment to get the car serviced.(that was not on the list so that would be an overtime charge right?)nobody notices

OK I may sound a bit bitter, I am not meaning to. I love may family and I love my ‘work’. I just hate the job of cleaning. Is that so wrong, does every stay at home mom or homemaker have to love to clean the house? I want to enjoy my family and be happy, but when I am stressed about the house all the time I feel like I am like a dog chasing my tail, and no one feels happy. I do know after this week that it does feel better and it is a relief to have stuff done! I can go into a room and relax and it is easier to remember why I walked into that room when there is not a big mess that I have been avoiding and ‘meaning to do’ for days!

I feel like after getting the stuff done yesterday I felt like this was manageable. I did have until 9:30 plus Gramma helped get the boy at practice and my sister brought the girl home from dance. Hmmm is this doable? I think so, so long as I don’t let things get out of control and as long as I stop beating myself up for it taking until 9:30 at night. Because some errands have to take place during the 9-5 working hours. I guess I just need to apply the ‘just do it’ rule with housework and cleaning. We all do right or we have messy houses. I need a routing to manage my ADD and my husband needs a clean house to manage his (undiagnosed but something similar to) OCD. So we will all be better off with a clean house. I just need to let him know that sometimes I do have appointments or work that will hinder all of the everything from getting done and that will be temporary. It will all get done eventually! We all need to relax around the subject!clean enough to be healthy

Today being Tuesday I am planning some recon for tomorrows hump day challenge! I am kind of excited I think it will be fun and if nothing else, different…which is getting tough as the months and weeks tick by with these challenges. I promise tomorrow I won’t write about cleaning the house. I guess this is just making up for the lack of “Washing Clothes” posts! Enjoy your day everyone! Happy ‘Washing Clothes’ and give a little love to your spouse and thank your wife even if she is not a stay at homer she is definitely worth more than she is getting paid for all she does (as I am sure you are too, so wives, you know what to do as well)