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I just spent the morning reading up on Talent Agencies. The Girl went to a recruiting agency that I think wants you to pay them to develop her. I have to call back at noon to find out if they want her or not, but they loved her pictures. My gut is telling me that if she really does want to explore show business we are going to have to do something else. If this company thinks my daughter is marketable, when it comes to this business they would get her a job, find a company that likes her look and get the commission off of that. If I pay them to ‘develop’ her they are already making money and what incentive do they have to actually get her a job, if they are already making money off of me paying for her ‘training’. Anyway…if there are any of my readers out there who know the business feel free to contact me with details of things I need to know. I will probably be sending out pictures and emails to agencies in the area to see how she can explore this since it sounds like she really wants to explore this, along with her dance.

As I sit here writing I hear a story on the news that perks me up. A stat: 37% of Grilled Cheese lovers have sex 6 times a month vs only 23% of non grilled cheese lovers (credit Q13 Fox News not sure what their source was, I could only pay so much attention and retain that much of the information). Apparently there is a link between relationships and Grilled Cheese. This got me thinking a couple of things. For one, who figures out this stat? (It’s like baseball they have broken down stats for everything down to batting averages when the pitcher takes a bathroom break this is sarcasm. I love baseball, this is not a dis). And two: is 6 times a month a lot? Does having sex 6 times a month make your relationship good? Because, I don’t think I like the idea that 6 times a month is a ‘good’ number for a months worth of sex!Frequency

If 6 times a month makes your relationship good I bet all my readers have amazing relationships. I guess that does bring up the average to more than once a week. Which sounds better than just 6 times a month. What is the national average anyway? …hold please need to tab over to do a search… That was not as easy as I thought it would be. I had to do math and get a bit creative combining some of the information that I found. With quick math averaging out the information I found from the Kinsey institute the national average is about 89 times per year (averaging the age groups 18-29 112 times/year 30-39 86 times/year and 40-49 times/year). Which is about 7 times per month so the grilled cheese stat is close to the national average with some obviously being higher and some couples being much lower and the number I looked at were not necessarily coupled individuals. If the national average is 7 and grilled cheese lovers have it 6 I would say grilled cheese loving does not necessarily correlate to “good relationships”….

Does it matter? I think, after yesterdays hump day challenge, lovers of whipped cream and chocolate probably have sex more than 7 times a month. Did you do the challenge. I did, and I was enjoying the sensation of the cold whip cream on my nipples almost as much or more than the sensation my husband licking and sucking if off of them. What was your favorite part? (I forgot to mention to be careful with sugary substances near the vaginal opening as sugar can increase yeast in the area so always be careful when using sugar during sex.)

How often is sex necessary for a good relationship? My husband would just simply say more or there is no cap on it. For me it is not about frequency but depth, and not depth in a physical way but in an emotional way. Connect with your love. Open eye sex when you look at each other and see in their sole as your bodies rub against and into each other. Also the moments when you are not having sex matters too. For now we, the hubs and I, are on the everyday plan and I kind of like it. I know the hubs likes it. Sex is a positive touch anything positive you should have more of it in your life! I think it has lead to less arguments and more sex. Not that we have sex to avoid arguments (although we have at times) but the thought a good sex can sometimes lead you to not want to anger your love so they won’t want to have sex later. It causes us to be more conscious of what the other is feeling and sometimes that means being less argumentative and more understanding and careful with their emotions. Leaving more room for that positive emotional and physical connection during sex.

Sex Love and Washing Clothes has been great for me this year. How is it doing for you? Are you on the everyday plan? For sex love and/or washing clothes? Do you do at least one of these things everyday or do you do all of it everyday? I try to do it all but there are days the clothes get forgotten and a small few days, 5 or less, where the sex has not happened due to fighting, tiredness or being TDTF and sometimes just life. But we are definitely well over the national average and our relationship still has it’s ups and downs but doing something proactively to be positive has helped us stay together and not fall into the really low low valleys that we were in last year and in years previous.

A new goal I have for this blog is to up the National Average of times couples have sex! Can we get to 10 times per month? Here’s to being part of upping the National Average.

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