I am chaperoning a field trip for the Girl’s 5th grade class. We are taking a ferry and then walking (I hear it’s about a mile) to a research boat and learning about marine animal life and stuff…

If I survive I may come back later and fill you in. Of course, I have a group with a few ‘behavioral’ kids, the teacher loves and trusts me and they actually have their own chaperone teacher. I love that the teacher trusts me and these kids are always good for me but sometimes I just want the cool kids ;-). Wait, don’t judge me, I love all the kids and am not judging them. But if you have ever chaperoned you know you always want the kids who are well behaved and nice all the time with no effort!

I remember my mom losing a kid at the zoo when I was in 1st grade. I hope to not ever have to experience that. Especially this trip because we are going on a boat…there are only so many places they can go! So if they are lost you may never here from me again! My group, although a little loud, are good kids. Interesting note at 5th grade a kids mouth and voice is right about ear level, at least my loudest kid is. One kid, the same loud kid, did bring a gallon size zip lock bag of candy with a 20oz Pepsi for snacks… He assures me that he has a lunch with “real food”. I sure hope so!

Anyway I should pick my head up out of my phone and be a chaperone. I love this quote picture hopefully it will remain true the research boat will not sink or burn down and no one will puke on my shoes, I am wearing old shoes just in case (I may have puked on these shoes in the past so they will be no worse for the wear.) As long as I come home with everyone in the ‘pink’ group specifically my 7 that I am directly responsible for, it will have been a successful day!

Happy Sailing!