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all hail plankton

Marine Science Afloat is where we did our field trip. I highly recommend the trip!

Happy Saturday! I had so much fun and learned so much at the Girl’s field trip yesterday! I learned a lot about plankton! They got plankton samples and looked at them under a microscope. It is amazing how much life there is in just a small drop of water! I learned about a copepods and arrow worms, we also learned about phytoplankton and zooplankton. So much excitement around plankton! ALL HAIL PLANKTON! Also the one important word that they wanted the kids and us adults too, to learn was watershed. We live in the Puget Sound Watershed. Everything we do with water somehow ends up in the Puget Sound! So be mindful folks if you live near the water or not, everything that goes on the ground some how affects our environment and especially those of us that live in the Puget Sound area if you can see the water or not, be mindful of what you put in our water.

Today is Saturday. I made a ham scramble for the family to have a family breakfast around the dining table. We all sat and ate together then we all cleaned up together. The Hubs kept the cleaning energy going as he is currently cleaning out and organizing my utensil drawers in the kitchen. Since this kind of involves me sitting and saying yes I use that or no I don’t I decided to multitask my blog time! I actually enjoy these family moments. The girl is sitting on the counter with me and the boy is entertaining us while he tucks in his jersey and is just being goofy getting ready for his game in a couple of hours. The good part is for now there is no one is yelling we are what you would call “working together” I love these moments. The Hubs is a great organizer and I suck at it. We work well the way it is going right now.

Tonight we are going to a Keith Sweat concert. Keith Sweat is the artist who sings Twisted our ‘song’ the first song we dance to at a high school dance. Not our wedding song, that is From This Moment by Shania Twain. It was after a football game vs Mt Tohoma, of course the Wolves won! He was in a relationship so it was a dance, just as friends, we were best friends before anything romantic happened. It was high school we were kids and sometimes you just can’t control who you fall for especially at 17! We have had a bunch of ups and downs in the last 18+ years and some really low and obviously some really high moments. I am glad I met that super cute football player in Washington State History probably 6 months or so before our first dance. He was there to listen to me cry when I was stood up for the first time from a date and when my dad had a fire in the kitchen one day while I ws at school (a longer story about that exists not getting into it now) he was also there when my Grandpa and my Dad passed away. We are and have always been good friends. It is very cliché to say that you married your best friend these days but I think when we met and got romantic and got married it was not quite as common as it is today.Best Friend Sleep Over

I really did marry my best friend. In the midst of life and kids and work and bills we tend to forget that we even have a best friend let alone live with our best friend, but we do. I love my best friend. I am happy for the opportunity to be reminded of that night we had our first dance! That may very well be the most important dance of my whole life!

To everyone out there who may or may not be struggling in your relationship, remind yourself what got you together in the first place. Take moments to go back there every chance you get. As we get older we realize we don’t get those opportunities very often. Life really does get in the way but we need to peel away time to get those moments in and sadly for them, the kids may need to have a boring night at grammas in order for us to make that time… guess what, they will survive and you will be better parents for it!

Now go love on your spouse weather they are your best friend or not!