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Happy sick day Sunday! (Sarcasm if you didn’t pick that up.) I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose! Now I can breathe through my nose but I am tired! Going to pick up the boy today exhausted me. I hate being sick, luckily the kids spent the night with friends and are a little slow moving themselves as well today. However, when they are both very quiet, and not in the same room as me, I have pipe dream of them reading or doing homework or cleaning or something, but it is usually the opposite…

Last night we went to the Keith Sweat concert! That was a blast! It was so fun to be there in the energy of live music (all concerts are always fun) and if you know Keith Sweat you know his music is a sultry sensual sound. I was grooving and dancing and there was a lot of love in the air! There were babies being made after the show for sure!

On our way home we stopped at our favorite watering hole and ran into a lot of friends. Including some guys from high school that the Hubs knew through baseball and one I met in Kindergarten! We grew up together. He looks just the same as high school, somehow we got the subject of being old. I was mentioning sometimes I think of getting botox and we all joked about how much we all look the same as high school and they told all me that I did it need botox and I have no wrinkles.

As I was feeling confident and loving my older, but the same as high school look, this morning I got an invite to a botox party… (What I thought they only did these things in LA!) I went from feeling lifted and confident with my minimal crows feet to questioning them again. I want to go to the botox party just to watch but I am afraid I would be sucked in to it. I am good with my wrinkles, I am just going to add some Frankincense Essential Oil to help with said wrinkles and skin tone!

It was fun to reconnect with people from back when the Hub’s and met and to an energy and feeling that brought us back to the night of our first dance!

Now I am going to go lay down again and they to rest this virus away.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!