Happy Beautiful sunny Thursday! Today I am not really certain what I want to write about. Sometimes this #Everyday2015 thing gets tough to come up with something witty or funny or wise to say. The goal is to get people reading my blog. To help relationships and to inspire moms to be more than “just a mom” and really rid the world of that phrase all together!Your story

So how do I get followers? Is there a blogger way to increase readership? Do people pay sights or readers or have dummy accounts to just up their likes? I don’t know, frankly who cares. What matters to me is that the people who are reading my blog (reading my life and sometimes my soul) get inspired. They use it as motivation. Sometimes motivation of what not to do, but motivation none the less.

Here is a list of 10 random reason why I continue to write and do all the Bare Necessities of Sex Love and Washing Clothes everyday! #Everyday2015

1. I want people to see that two people who are in love can stay in love and get through the tough shit.

2. I want people to see that a mommy can be respectful and professional and cuss a little (sometimes a lot) and not sound uneducated. (There is my excuse for using foul language BAM! one important task done.)

3. I want women to feel empowered even when sometimes I don’t. You can still feel empowered tomorrow if the laundry didn’t do it for you today. (trust me been there done that) overall I feel like an empowered woman we all are! Yes there are moments when I feel like Cinderella but someone has to do the laundry we can’t afford a maid.

4. I want to get myself healthy in this process of inspiring others to be healthy! Writing a blog everyday is kind of like journaling. It’s kind of like work that you don’t get paid for to and time that you never get back until you go read some of your stuff and are impressed with yourself. But it is very therapeutic!

5. I want to prove that staying together with my husband because we have good sex is a good enough reason for any couple to stay together (although it is not a good enough reason to become a couple you need more than sex to make it through tough relationship and family things)

6. I want to be able to say I have had sex for a year and maybe sometime during or at the end of this year I or even we (meaning the Hubs and I, since I am not doing this #Everyday2015 thing alone. Sex is the first word in the title.) will get interviewed on the Today show or write a book about it or trend on Twitter about it…

7. I want to help my marriage thrive! I believe Sex Love and Washing Clothes has helped. Some moments it does feel like it has been a bit of a strain on us as well.

8. I have always wanted to be more real in real life. My writing is real and it is a stretch for me to put some of this stuff out in the cyber/real world. It is helping me to be more myself and bold and real in the actual real world, maybe one day I will use my real name…

9. Maybe I can get paid to do it, by the end of the year, or I can be like my blogger friend and get invites to really cool events to write about them. Or she gets samples of things to try out and/or give away to her readers…but I think I need more than 25 followers to be desirable for a brand or company to pay me for that or for and event to invite me to write about them, maybe by the end of the year I will be.

10. I like to talk about sex. I think we women and moms need to talk about it more. We need to be more open and bridge the gap between us and the kids and tiredness and real life momness to our husbands and what better way than having sex. The world in general needs more committed relationship sex happening! Not the flings, or affairs on the side or one night stands our single friends are having! More married/committed people in relationships need to be having more sex!

This list is not in an particular order nor are these the only reasons I do what I do! It stimulates my ADD brain and that is good positive and always welcoming in for me in my head! Go do what you like, do what stimulates your brain! Enjoy your life, carve out time for that every single day! And Have sex with your life mate, your lover, your spouse every single day!

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