Happy Friday! I am going to make this post short and sweet for now. I am making a cake today! Next week I get to make two of my favorite people their wedding cake! Today I made a trial cake so I can know how much one batch of this recipe I will need to make. Also to get some experience with the filling and the frosting. It is a Tahitian Vanilla Cake. I made the same cake for another friend’s wedding a few years ago but it has been a while so I needed some trial time.Kenyon Cake

Here is one of the Wedding cakes I did a few years ago. I think I will need to start on Tuesday. I’ll make the fondant and filling and frosting that day. Maybe start baking that day as well. Wednesday is my volunteer day at school so I will back finish baking in the afternoon.. Decorate Thursday and then be done Friday. I am hoping to deliver the cake on Friday night. They are unsure if the hotel will let me deliver it Friday. I am going to try to have my house stay somewhat livable and not make a huge gigantic mess. If I spread out the work through out the week I believe it will not make a huge dent in our family life… We’ll see how well I do and hopefully I will still be married at the end of it and the family won’t be eating pizza every night. And I hope everyone likes my cake and the Bride and Groom have a wonderful day!

Be back soon, maybe have a great day everyone enjoy Friday! I am calling it recon Friday! Practice makes perfect, right? That is what I need. Cakes are awesome I love decorating and baking and eating cake. Today is a day I get to do something I love! I hope you do too. Carve out that time folks! I also gave a massage today too! Yay me I love days like today!

Be you, do what you love!