The boy is in full swing of baseball season. His team is young. They are all learning. Most are new to minors fresh up from playing coach pitch last year. They all have a lot to learn. The Hubs is one of the coaches the manager Everydayoo. We have rules like you can only score 5 runs in one inning but for the most part it’s baseball. My pet peeve is when the kids wait to ‘walk’. I know kids need to learn the strike zone but I also know that 9 year old pitchers have a bigger strike zone than major leagues or every run will be scored by walking a player in. I also wish our team had a few better pitchers.

I was so proud of our boys for swinging and putting the ball in play most of the time. I was proud some of them just stayed in the batters box during the pitch as they are scared of getting hit by the ball, (even though my Boy has been hit by a pitch almost every game). I hate to see so many kids afraid of getting a strike that they don’t even swing! Don’t they know that they can’t get a hit if they don’t even swing the bat? It is so hard to watch someone not even try to be good because they are afraid they will strike out! If it is close, swing and make a play on it! If it is a strike you have two more!

I know way too many adults that live their whole life like this! It is really sad to watch that! To watch adults holding back for no reason other than it is easier to take your base with a a walk or get a free hand out, rather than put in some effort work hard and maybe get a pay off or even get ahead. People afraid to try (swing) so they don’t strike out. So it’s not their fault of they don’t get what they want. It’s the pitchers fault for not giving you a pitch that you wanted …Metaphor in life right there!

Take responsibility folks. If its a shitty pitch (or bad opportunity) don’t swing, you have the choice to swing or wait for a better one! But of it is something close that you can drive swing hard and drive it out of the park! If you miss and strike out at least you gave it your best! Stop waiting for your free base!

Ok now I’m going back to my Saturday life hope you enjoyed my baseball wisdom!