Today is Sunday! Happy Sunday it is a cleaning and errands kind of a day. This has been quite a fun uneventful weekend. However, it is worth mentioning 90’s night last night at our favorite watering hole! We graduated high school in the nighties so it was our era!

There was no one style, music or really almost anything from the 90’s. So when we went to 90’s night there was a lot of eclectic-ness in the costumes and even in the bands and drink selections. I do know that it really depends on your experience and your age during the 90’s. My 90’s experience was one of (as they come to my head no particular order) Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Kris Kross, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Shania Twain, Saved By The Bell, Tupac and Biggie, Princess Diana, Michael Jordan, Desert Storm, Grunge music and clothes, Drill Team, FNW, State Champs, meeting the love of my life, Keith Sweat, Elementary to Jr High to High School to Graduation and starting adult life. So many fond memories and notable events, too many to list. So many ties with music so hearing the bands last night playing music from how they remembered the 90’s was very nostalgic, awesome and amazing!

The nineties was known as Generation X-ers and not a specific ‘style’ came out of it, the style of originality was the ‘in’ style. It was where I grew up, it brought the ‘Earl’ family together and laid down the foundation for me to become Ruby Earl! How do you remember the 90’s? Very fondly for me! Lots of smiles and just so much fun! Being a teenager is or at least should be so much fun. The 90’s was before Facebook and blogging and I am happy that Facebook and Blogging has brought me back to my friends from high school we all can stay connected and ‘follow’ each other in life as we did in school, actually more than we did in school!!


My heart is happy in my life and happy where I came from and blessed to have so many great memories and time to remember back when we were younger and when life was simpler, our roots and where we came from!