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Hello Monday! Today’s writing is being used to focus my week. One of the reasons I have a blog was for this so here goes:Run the Day

I have a Wedding cake to do this week! I don’t want to start too early because I want the cake to taste good and not stale if you read Friday’s blog you read that I did a recon cake. Just to see how it taste and any interesting issues that may arise and give me a trial run. It is a hard cake to make (Tahitian Vanilla Butter Cake but I use Madagascar Vanilla but Tahitian Vanilla still sounds better) however, there are a few interesting concerns I think I over mixed the frosting as it has whipping cream in it and got runny…anyway I will be working on it and look forward to the challenge and the benefit of the end product!

So today is cleaning day, shopping day (I need to make a list of what I need for supplies), creating meal plans for the week to be organized, since I still have a family who lives in this house and still needs the kitchen for three meals a day or so. We still have the whole normal busy schedule as well! And Talent show rehearsal tomorrow on top of that too!!!

Tuesday will be fondant making day. I think Wednesday I will do the frosting and filling, filling is a caramel base, and first the middle layer of the cake (12in X 12in) it will fit in the Fridge). Thursday I will complete baking the bottom layer (16in X 16in and the 8in X 8in) Then Friday will be making the Buttercream frosting and covering the cakes and finishing the decor. Saturday we have baseball and I will want to get pretty before the event so I am looking forward to having the cake finished by Friday Night.

I am meeting the Hubs for lunch today he is working locally and is by himself so I want to go have lunch with him. His lunch is at 11:30 we are meeting at a local pizza place. I have to run to the Mall and pick up my glasses as my current frames are bent and needed to be replaced, thank goodness for prepaid warranties. I will run to Costco and if I have time (which I probably won’t) I may linger at the Mall and look for a new dress for the wedding. Then I do have a massage client this evening she had to reschedule one week and then I had to reschedule the last two weeks so I cannot bail on her tonight. Both kids have dance so it is nice that they will at least be at the same location!

If this busy Monday is a predictor, this week will be packed and fun and productive. I am looking forward to trying to be organized and actually have a sense of flow during this week. Although I don’t know how I will handle that. I am not used to it, if I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off I don’t know how to do anything! But I am trying to learn to be organized. I have already done my ‘brain training’ with Luminosity today so maybe this will help me focus and get organized and accomplish this week. Please let there be time for real exercise too I need that for my brain as well and to fit into a great dress!

Looking forward to the week. Are you organized and ready for the week? I don’t know if I call myself organized but I am getting there! Ready for the week! Here’s to fun and busy and organization to accomplish it all. Happy meal planning, shopping and living organized this week! Here we go friends we can do it!