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CourageHappy Friday Friends! It is cake decorating day! It is the day when I get to put these flaky sponge like squares into a stack and make them beautiful. Tomorrow is the beautiful day for two of my favorite friends! I am so happy to be part of it. At the same time I am scared to death! I am following the advice of the late John Wayne and saddling up anyway! My saddle is in the form of an apron!

I have embellished the cake topper covered the cake board in foil and will add the ribbon decor around it after the cake is complete on the board. I have a massive amount of caramel filling that is supposed to use 1/3 of the Buttercream that I will make for it. I am making 6 batches of butter cream I hope that is enough so I will go ahead and make the 12 batches for the filling first, fill the cakes and stack the layers. The cakes will probably end the night as 3 separate cakes and will be built on site at the wedding. I am hoping to take it in today before the boys baseball game.

OK there is my game plan. I have some cleaning up of breakfast mess and then get going on making the Buttercream. I am scared and at the verge of tears. I love my friends and they have so much confidence in me! I hope that I don’t let them down! The Hubs has been super supportive even telling me the cake topper looks awesome! Beautiful thing never perfectI know he could care less about jewels and design but he knows I do and he has been great helping me through this week and my doubts! I am going to do my best and that I have done some pretty bad ass things so it is time to go be a bad ass and kick this cake’s ass! Hit a home run so to speak! Cakes are meant to be eaten there is a perfect imperfection in a cake. Can’t wait to see it and my two friends all looking amazing! Go be awesome today friends! Happy Friday!