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So I finished the cake! It is beautiful. I can post a photo yet because I want it to be a surprise to the bride and groom. I did it! I finished a cake and kept my house clean. The only day I had an issue was yesterday! I miss judged how long it would take to make the buttercream, fill and stack cakes, crumb coat with buttercream and the cover in fondant. I got it done at about 11:30 last night. Then realized I forgot  dowels to support the three tired cake in itself. So off to the store this AM. Then when delivering the cake to the venue, I realized that I forgot to bring buttercream (the glue for all the decorations.) I MacGyvered a way with straight pins and store bought ‘writing icing.’

Overall I feel my plan was sound, and time management was pretty good, following my plan, but my plan did not take into account making buttercream to coat and covering a cake for 300 people with fondant. It takes substantially longer. So I should, next time, give myself a whole day for the fondant and decorating and do the buttercream and stacking in one day.

Because of my mismanagement of time I missed the boys baseball game but I have time to shave my legs and iron the Hubs’ pants and write this quick post. All in all I am proud of myself! The cake looks beautiful the house is not a disaster (although I do have some catching up and deep cleaning to do) and only one shouting match with the hubs on the last day so tensions were high (his patience for cake stuff all over and my anxiousness of getting it done and running behind and letting him down because I was not present with him last noghtt) but I feel like it was a success. We’ll hold off on official verdict until it is officially delivered to the happy couple at there wedding! Check back for pictures later!

Enjoy your Saturday! Do what makes you happy!