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The wedding of my friends was amazing! The cake was a success! It looked beautiful and tasted awesome. I am posting a photowpid-img_20150425_190520.jpg. I feel truly blessed to have been able to do this cake for my friends. It was a tough week but it paid off!

The party at our friends wedding was off the hook! Apparently, we were up until after 5:30 this morning! I was feeling it this morning for sure! (can you said hang over?) Last night was fun with friends we sang Mexican love songs and danced all night! We have great friends and I am thankful for them.

Today, luckily our plan included a long drive to meet up with the grandparents so the Girl could do her traditional birthday shopping with Gram. It was a fun day with our family. I made it through (only after we pulled over for me to puke, yeah it was that bad!)  So I got to rest in the car and sleep a bit of the hangover off. I can’t believe she is turning 11 in 6 days!

We got back into town for the Hubs to have his first softball practice. He used to love to play on a men’s softball league (that is how we originally met yesterday’s groom). But due to the Boy playing baseball and the Hub’s always coaching and our lives being super busy, as well as the lives of the men he used to play with, the Hub’s has not played in a few years. But he gets to play this year!take care of you They had their first practice this evening. The kids and I rode our bikes down to where they practiced and I got to play a little backyard baseball with the kids and some other boys who were there while the ‘big boys’ practiced. I had so much fun. It is usually the hubs that does that stuff with the kids and I try to play but just have a hard time just playing with no rules and my lack of skill. But I decided I would go out and just play, forget about everything that usually holds me back.! It was a blast. I am glad I got to do it.

I am happy the Hubs gets to play ball this year. We all really need some-‘thing’ that is just ours. Some time to do something just for fun just for ourselves. I have my running (haha since I have been skipping more training that actually running) the girl has dance and the boy has his sports. The Hubs has not had a ‘thing’ he is just too busy working and coaching and mowing our lawn. So I was glad to hear when he decided he would play! Everyone needs their own thing that they do just for them! I can’t wait to watch him play and see him in those baseball pants! I hope they do black pants, those are my favorite!

I had a great weekend, hope you did too! Mine was more than great! I love weddings and I love my family! I enjoy presenting a cake and watching the faces as they see it and hearing the “mmmm’s” as they eat it! It was a hard work that took a lot of time but it was well worth it and I get instant gratification when I see people enjoying my work!