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Live in the momentHappy Monday! This morning on the news there is a story of a school shooting about an hour from here. No one was hurt, a teacher tackled the shooter before he could point his gun at any person. My best friend from Jr High lives in the area and her husband is a police officer in the town it occurred. He is on scene and I am thinking he is okay but still very scary and too close to home! It makes you stop and look at your family and kids and give them a longer hug and kiss before they leave for school.

We take so much for granted. That our loved ones will be there tomorrow when we are not so busy and have time to spend with them. But the fact is we don’t know, nothing is guaranteed in life. Not one moment can you be certain that there will be a later, so in the moments of life you must decide to take it all in. Enjoy each and every crazy and wonderful and not so wonderful moment. Embrace the frazzledness that is in this moment and the frustration it may cause. You will miss it if suddenly you don’t have your family to make you frazzled! Take care of every moment of everyday and accept the bad with the good and be thankful for it all. It may not be there tomorrow!

Live with a positive outlook and suck the good out of life! Until you lose someone or something you don’t know. I put myself in the shoes of parents who have lost kids and/or their life changed in an instant. It has made me really step back and love those moments that I get to tell my son to put on clean clothes and wear jeans 3 times a week! Those things wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t here!

I got to talk to the Hubs on his way to work today. We sat on the phone with almost nothing to say except “what is on your agenda today?” He talked about elevator stuff that I tried to understand and I laid out my schedule for him…and have since realized it is more busy than I expected! I really did enjoy that conversation. I am glad to have had the moments that we chat on the phone. We both got cell phones when we were 18 so we have been able to talk on the phone during travel to and from work almost everyday for a long time! I love those moments even when we sit on the phone with dead air just being together even when we are not.

Don't waitHug and love your loved ones. Don’t get down about what’s not going right! Forget the crappy stuff for a moment and realize that you would miss it if the loves in your life are not there! Appreciate your family, love your kids, enjoy every moment and take more time to enjoy the little things. The grass will always grow, dishes will be there tomorrow I guarantee it, but a life is not guaranteed so take time to enjoy your life and those of your family and loved ones!