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Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was the Talent Show at my children’s school. I am very proud that both of my kids were in it. The Girl did her dance solo and The Boy did a monologue. He did the intro speech from Madden 13. He was pretty awesome! He played Bittersweet Symphony as the background music. If you are a Seahawks fan and go to games that song is very dear to you. That is the intro song for the Seahawks so it is very much a football song! I got chills listening to him. I am such a proud mom today! All the kids at the Talent Show were great! It is so fun to watch them put their talent on display and to watch them flourish on stage. It is hard to watch them struggle too, but it is a learning experience a very good lesson for them all. Ittalent takes courage is very fun to watch kids put on a talent show!

It got me thinking about talent. God given talent and the kind that kids, and adults too, really want and work hard for and just don’t get where they want. There is a saying “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” a very important lesson for gifted kids or even gifted adults have to learn. If they don’t learn they fail. Hard work will always come out on top!

It is something adults need to learn as well. We make excuses not to work hard all the time. I hear this from my kids “I already know that” or “I know I am good enough, you tell me so”. That is not the lesson I want my kids to learn when I work hard to help them with their self esteem. As adults we decide it is okay to stay a little overweight because it is too hard to make food vs running through the drive through. We don’t put in the extra effort because the game is on and the dishes will be there tomorrow, or the car can wait to get washed. We make excuses not to work hard. We make excuses why our efforts don’t work. Most of the time when our efforts don’t work it is because we haven’t worked hard enough. Excuses are well planned lies

People find so many ‘excuses’ why they didn’t get a promotion. It’s someone else’s fault! Not just why they didn’t get it but why they didn’t even apply. “I would never be chosen because the boss doesn’t like me” or “I don’t have the extra time to put in” but then they complain that they don’t make enough money or better yet use that as the excuse to not pay bills. Excuses are everywhere. They are useless! No one believes them anyway. The biggest lie we all tell ourselves is that an excuse justifies our action or lack of action. We need to stop making excuses. There is no reason for excuses only actions! You either do it or you don’t! Life is hard! No one promised it would be easy! It can be great but you have to put in the work and stop making excuses!

So my mantra today is to stop making excuses! I have excuses why I can’t lose weight. Why I haven’t made money to help pay for the girl to go to Nationals and the Boy to go to camp or got enough massage appointments scheduled. Why my Essential Oil business is not taking off. Why my house is not clean or my laundry is not put away. The excuse that is a very good reason is a lie that means it just isn’t happening and I may not be working hard enough! Sometime we spread ourselves to thin (guilty) and I know I have a hard time prioritizing what I do and when I do it. No more excuses for me I will work hard and take the results that I get! In order to prioritize better we should write down goals and have direction in what you want and how you’re going to get it. Make sure your actions match those goals and point you in the direction of that goal. Here is a brief list of my goals and some direction for me to go with them. This is very brief I do suggest to make your list a bit more specific but even just a brief list written down will help get you away from the plague of making excuses because if you are not doing the things you laid out that will make you successful then you have no excuse because you are not following your plan!

My Goals

  • Weight loss~Eliminate or drastically decrease sugars and carbs, exercise 5 days per week
  • Essential Oil Business~Operation Silver Bootcamp
  • Massage Business~B&I Group, be at office for seated massage Thursday mornings
  • Sending the Girl to Nationals and the Boy to camp~Go Fund Me accounts? Lemonade Stand the kids run, Fundraising and the above business plans, save money by avoid going out to eat only once per week or less
  • Relationship~Sex everyday, date night once a week, weekend with out kids at least once every 3 months (we are way over due on that last one)

What are some of your goals? How will you avoid excuses and make them happen?