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my best will be enoughHappy Sunday! Did you watch the fight last night? We went to a friends house. To watch it. We are not super into boxing and I really don’t follow it at all. But unless you have been under a rock you have heard about the fight. Mayweather won the fight by decision. As I saw it Mayweather landed more punches that hit harder. Pacquiao although through a lot of punches they mostly grazed off and didn’t make good contact. So as I watched the fight the right man won. But no one KO so it is not black and white…which is so weird because everything is always black and white, right? ~Sarcasm

I have a hard time watching people beat each other up. I do however like to watch athletes do their thing and those two men are athletes at the top of their game in great shape! I love to see the dedication of months (maybe even years in this case) of hard work on display and for the person pay off. Even in the loss it paid off. Financially they both got paid a lot!{Winning} Emotionally now they have finally faced the other best guy in their sport, and for one got his hand raised as the victor! However, their ultimate competitor is not each other at all, it is themselves. Just in don't stop until you're proudwalking up to the ring, that is what they trained for. To put themselves in the ring to fight against someone at the top of his game. Man to man as they say, fighter to fighter, Champion to Champion. They are both champions or at least have been and no one can take that from them. Did they train to fight or did they train to win. They trained to fight. You fight to win, you don’t train to win. I mean, yes you can “train to win” but you don’t win in training. You win in the ring and in the ring you fight!

My point is that you can do all the training, you can put all your best moves out there and if someone else does it better, or different, or punches you in the mouth harder  and you lose, does all your training go to waste? I guess that depends on how you look at it. I like to think not. You control you, not anyone else and at the end of the day did you do your best? (Only you can answer that). I do have mixed emotions on this subject. Mostly because every fight (every situation in life ever) has to have a winner and a loser! Not everyone can be the winner and most of my life I was on the non winning side! So because of that I had to realize that even when I put my best out there someone else still was better. What can I do about that? Work to continually get better is the answer!

You work to continually get better but when you have worked your hardest trained to you top potential and put out your best effort on the field, in the ring or on the stage (or in you office job) and someone else still ‘wins’ then what does that say about you? worst best everWhat does it say about them? Does that mean you are not good enough? No, it means that that is not you path that day it was meant for someone else. It does not mean to stop training at you top potential, it does not mean you should retire, it does not mean you are not the best at being you! It doesn’t even mean that you did something wrong or messed up or have something to fix it just means that day they were better (or at least the judges thought so). On another day you may be better.

So bottom line: Stop Defining yourself with these small moments in life. Yes, for Pac and May this was no small moment. Pac can probably go back and look at tape and see where he could have done differently or been better. He may be able to go and see where he could have trained differently or maybe Mayweather was just better at defense or…many possibilites. But if he defines himself with this one fight he will have to define himself as a loser and we all know that he is not, he has a lot of wins already. He has a lot of money to prove it too.

How does this correlate with real life? Well in reality is doesn’t at all. But as a metaphor we all have losses. We could all on one day or another define ourselves as the loser. And on other days we are the winner. We all need to stop looking outside for the ref to raise our hand and say we won and look inside and see the fighter within! Just getting in the ring makes you a fighter, putting on the gloves and facing an opponent makes you a fighter, you have to fight to win! You have to train to fight to win. Sometimes you win, learnAnd when the judges say you didn’t win, or you get knocked out, go watch the tape and figure out how to do it differently next time so you can win. Always working at being your best and letting your best define you! Not comparing it to anyone even if that is your job or if you didn’t get the promotion because someone else’s best was better for that position, or just someone else was a better fit or the boss liked him more.

Always fight to win! Never define yourself with you losses. Always work to be your best and never miss an opportunity to be better! Even in a loss you can still be a great fighter, and be proud of that. Remember there is only one winner. The world is not black and white just because someone loses does not make them bad or less of anything. What matters is how you, the fighter, feel about you! Stop Defining yourself with your win and loss record…it doesn’t matter!

Love yourself, love your life, love your family and friends and enjoy this thing called life. That job, that game that fight….the loser gets paid too! You gain a lot in just trying and putting your best out there! Stand on your own two feet and be the best you can be. Fuck them all if they don’t like you!

Win or lose have sex, amazing sex with your lover tonight! That is all that matters!