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Happy Monday! Today the Hub’s and I woke up kind of late. Only by about 30-40 minutes. I, in turn, woke up the girl a bit late too, I did tell her she had 30 minutes to get ready. Because of that, I made her and The Boy’s breakfast and lunch, which I have been trying to get them to do own their own. She was still late, same with the Boy! Seriously they have to be more responsible to be on top of getting up getting dressed and eating breakfast then grabbing their stuff and going to school on time. Monda a job for coffeeWell, then I was late too! I had a massage  I was thinking that when the kids go to school I have 45 minutes but then the kids were late so I took the Boy to school at 8:30 instead of 8:15. Then I had a moment when I thought my massage was at 10 and then remember it was a 9:00 appointment (tomorrow is 10:00). Ugh! I hate Mondays that start like this!

Also my house is a disaster! I have cleaning up from the Girl’s party to do and catching up still from the wedding cake a week ago…WHAT?! I just need to get caught up in real life. Then, next week I have the Bartending school thing so I will be away all week. I think when I cook this week I will cook two meals and freeze one so the kids and the Hubs can just toss stuff in the oven, or something. Actually…they usually don’t have time heat up stuff in the oven it has to be crock pot meals next week…let’s plan that but still focus on this week. I asked the fam what they would like for dinners this week…all I got was ‘Cheesy Rice Soup Thing’ that I make in the crock pot from the girl. At least that is one day I don’t have to plan dinner.

I will also be stepping up the last-minute half marathon training! I have two weeks until my first half of the year! Last year I ‘cheated’ and ran the 10K instead of the half. I want to do the whole race! I think if I run even a short distant every day I can do it. I also need to not be too focused on the time just get the race finished! I am excited to run my first race and get it under my belt. The energy of race day is like nothing else and the feeling of crossing the finish line is even better! Gotta watch the nutrition and hydration too!

Monday OKSo I have a lot of work today folks. Not a whole lot of time to be super inspiring with my writing, other than by just doing my work! So I am going to get my work done, cleaning, then running and planing the meals for the week. I am think tomorrow will be shopping day. This week is teacher appreciation week so don’t forget to let your kids’ teachers know they are appreciated and loved.

Have a great week friends!