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Hello Tuesday! Today I got all ready and headed to the office for a massage only to realize that the massage I came in for was not today, it is on Thursday! LOL! Story of my life, I am running frazzled barely on time only to realize I am there on the wrong day. Oh well, I had some computer work to do for my charting and got a lot of that done. Boy, that, the computer work, was intimidating. Considering your charting goes to insurance companies and feeling like they scrutinize everything you write and if it does not match what they are looking for they can deny your claim. Not that I haven’t been doing this for almost 20 years but this kind of stuff intimidates me. But I got it done and I think I rocked it! Now my charting will be clean and quick and thorough.

Today I got word from the Hubs that his Dad has to go back into surgery (he hadJump to conclusions shoulder surgery approximately 2 months ago) due to an infection. Hearing this freaked me out! So scary. I don’t know what caused the infection and I don’t know what the surgery is for or is going to do! I have some close friends dealing with infections after surgery that have greatly affected their life. I am just saying a prayer for my father in law and hoping he is going to be okay! I love him so much more and the thought of possibly losing the closest thing I have left to a father is sitting in my head and freaking me out! No I don’t ever jump to crazy head dramatic conclusions ever, but I can’t jump to conclusions, I know nothing about what is going on. I just have to have faith in the doctors, he has some of the best doctors in Seattle so, I think, he is in good hands.

This reminds me to say I love you out loud, more often. I don’t know if I have ever told my father in law that I love him. The Hub’s family does not say I love you. Not that often anyway. Especially not the adults. I think I tend to be the more sentimental one in the family. But I do give hugs (which I think sometimes is weird to all of them) and to me even sometimes I feel like should I hug or should I not??? Well folks, everyday is not guaranteed and yes I should always hug and if it’s right for you so should you! We should not take advantage of the idea that we have tomorrow, because you never know when you won’t. I have a co-worker who lost her daughter in a car accident and knows that all too well! I am sending out good vibes, healing thoughts and prayers for my husband’s dad!  We need our Gramps I have faith he will be back to kicking in no time! We love you Gramps!

Tell people you love them

We all should live each moment to its fullest. Take care of yourself. Love your family. Don’t hold grudges! Remember what is important. The crumbs on the ground are not going to make a difference in the big picture. People are people, their humanness is what make impacts on our lives. Really is the crumb issue worth stressing about? Probably not. With that said crumbs do have to get picked up, laundry has to get folded and your life has to function. You can’t use “Carpe Diem” to ignore responsibilities but don’t let the small stuff take over your life. Live your life and enjoy it. Some moments you have to stop and clean up and some moments you have to let the dust sit there because you only get so many moments with people. Field trips only happen once, that vacation you could take with your family only happens every once in a while. The laundry can wait until after that school performance, don’t be late…Get it? Be responsible but don’t let those responsibilities over take living your life! It is all about balance!

You are not promised tomorrow dust if you must but don’t miss something important for it. Go to your kid’s game, have doughnuts with your co-workers, play ball, wrestle with you kids or go push them on the swing! Give you mom and had a hug no matter how old you or they are. Stop and smell the roses. Yes, you must pick the weeds but if you are not going to stop and smell the roses why worry about the weeds? I will hold the people in my life tighter today and give my FIL a bigger hug next time I see him. And I will say I love you more often! How are you going to enjoy and appreciate your garden of roses that you call life?