So I heard on the radio this morning a debate about a study recently released that said couples who were asked to increase the amount of sex they had, by 40%, were not happier than before they tried to increase their sex. What the


heck? That doesn’t make sense, or does it? My guess is that these couples trying to increase the amount they have sex are now viewing it as a chore. They are not using it as an expression of love and a feeling of connection or just a fun time. They are trying to accomplish a task and it is feeling like a chore.

I must say I can relate. At times this year you have read my pseudo complaining about feeling tired and just having to so it because I committed to having sex everyday of this Sex Love and Washing Clothes year. The whole #Everday2015 seemed like a great idea until life gets busy and you are tired or sick or angry. When something turns into a “job” it becomes less fun and exciting and more responsibility and we in, our culture, don’t like to “have” to do anything. Even if it is something we will enjoy. We get lazy. If it takes effort we decide it is too much work.

Well, guess what? Sex takes effort. It is work! It is worth it. On so many levels. Mental, emotional, even physical benefits come from having sex! It is worth not watching the end of that show so you are not too tired! It is worth planning it into your schedule or leaving the bar earlier from date night so you can have that physical connection, that image

release, that feel good thing with your spouse! Sex feels good. It is fun. We release oxytocin and other feel good hormones and chemicals in our brain when we have sex, especially when we orgasm! So stop making excuses to not do it! And definitely stop complaining about the effort it takes! Just do it and enjoy it! What are you missing? There is nothing better than sex with you soul mate, your spouse, your best friend! Just do it!