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Happy Monday after Mother’s Day! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. I have been trying to enjoy the moments in my life a bit more. As I get super busy and overwhelmed I realized that I need to back off of my Facebook time! It is stealing minutes and hours and sometimes days of my life. I go to look up something like what time is Suzy’s party this weekend and get distracted with everyone’s status updates and before I know it I have been sitting in my garage after dropping off my kids at school for 45 minutes and I have to be somewhere in 15! So now I am running late and still haven’t figured out what time Suzy’s party is this weekend! Which means I haven’t called a babysitter and will have to look it up and probably do the same thing later! Ignore the noiseHave I told you I have ADD? So I am working at being more specific with my time and staying more focused.

Focus and Follow through are the things I struggle with the most! I always have great intentions and good ideas but I either forget or I think about them when I am driving or lying in bed and can’t do anything about them. What I should do is write it down and look at the list I make the next day or some specified time to follow through.

Also need to stop procrastinating. I tend to procrastinate a lot of things. Things that might be hard or uncomfortable or that I think will be hard or uncomfortable. However I am really productive under pressure! Even when it is something important or something I want to do, I put it off and then the ‘deadline’ gets close or even as time goes by I start to feel the pressure and then and only then do I get the drive to focus and do it. It is that ‘hyper focus’ phase of ADD, yes this is a real thing! It is so frustrating!

Biggest lieAnyway I am going to take this Sex Love and Washing Clothes moment to Focus and follow through! Write lists and follow them! PRIORITIZE!!! That is a big struggle for me is prioritization! I need to get in exercise, my blog and cleaning my house during the days I need to get volunteer stuff accomplished and I need to work, I need me time and husband time and kids time and fun time…But what is the most important? Who the Fuck knows?! Facebook and social media is not on that list. Facebook time is nice but I need to limit that, so that I can get the above stuff accomplished!

Here’s to looking ‘up’ more than looking down at the phone! Today I started bartending school (the reason I have not posted this earlier) so here is to studying all these drink recipes! Have a great day everyone!