Had a great day this Friday. It was a long day at the end of a long week! Had a great time at bartending school! Tested and passed today! 99% on my written only missed one question. On my practical I got 100% finishing making 12 drinks in 7 minutes 2 seconds!


Then I had to deal with baseball team parents coordinating helpers for baseball. That took a while!

Then to end my day the girl competed her solo for the last time (unless we take her to Nationals). She did well! She got a 3rd Place Platinum in her category! She had fun and we had a nice dinner with her dance teacher.

It was busy week, I had so much going on! I am glad it’s over, I am glad I did everything that I did! I  glad to sit and relax and not study or worry about getting up early tomorrow. Time to exhale! Before we get ready to go to Portland for a race this weekend.

I am running in the Portland Rock and Roll half marathon. I am running the 10k though! Then the hubs and I get to really exhale let our hair down and have a good time. I have needed this for a while and am happy it just tomorrow!

Going to absorb each moment and finish this post before I fall asleep writing it! Have a great night friends!