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Sitting at Rock Bottom Brewery in Portland after running the 10k at Rock and Roll Portland. It was an internal battle this morning deciding if I should do the full 13.1 miles of the half marathon course or the 6.2 miles in the 10k course. The Two courses were completely different this year, last year at mile 4 or 5 there was a turn you could go left to do the 10k or straight to stay on the half marathon. I had until then to decide. This year the half and the 10k started at different start lines at different times. Since I have 3 massages on Tuesday and have been having some foot and hip issues and did not train as well as I should have I decided to do the 10k.n This was after a bit of toiling and tears from me. I didn’t want to give up or be a quitter! I don’t think I was. I am still a bit sore from the run. The last time I ran was a week and a half ago! It was a good call doing the 10k.

So now it is time to party and have fun in Portland. The Hubs and I love it here in Portland. After lunch we went to the Nike store (I paused on my post earlier now finishing at the hotel) and to the Microsoft store where the Hubs bought me a new Surface for my birthday! Yay me! I even got to get a girly purple key board šŸ˜‰ So I am finishing my post on my new Surface!

Later we are going to go out and have some fun. We are heading to The A-crop for dinner and drinks and entertainment. We definitely have fun here! It is a good couples weekend for us! We have needed a reboot for a while and now we have it! That’s why I run this race every year! We get to come to another state, stay in a hotel and have hotel sex and go to strip clubs and have a drink and just have fun. I love watching the dancers they mostly pretty talented. The Hubs enjoys watching the girls get all flirty with me. I sometimes get shy, but the girls like having couples in they have fun with us and we have fun with them. Then we get back to the hotel and have some amazing hotel sex!

I highly recommend a date night to strip clubs. If you are shy stay back for a while and if you get brave go up to the rail. I have been going and enjoy strip clubs but sometimes I have to hang back until I get my barings in the place. Don’t get jealous because you are there with your man and he is not comparing your body to the dancers. You should just sit back and relax and play along! (The Hubs’s friends are all jealous that he gets to take me to the clubs) Just have fun and make it a couples night! We are going to!