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Happy Saturday!!! So to update you all from yesterday I am happy to say that I passed my bartending test. I got a 99% on the written and 100% on the practical with a time of 7:02, that is for 12 drinks! I am ready to go to work! It was fun learning a new craft!

As we speak we are in the car heading to Portland! I am doing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon tomorrow. Actually I think I am going to do the 10K due to the fact that I have not trained like I wanted to, I was sick this week, and I have a foot issues going on. But I may decide, once I get out there, that I want to keep going! We’ll see. I am preparing myself mentally for the 10k if I feel good I will keep going on the 13.1 miles which I think is a 21k but if not I will allow myself to feel accomplished at the 10k finish line as well.

Race against the voice that wants to quitAfter such a long week I have not got a chance to get in my mode of race week. I usually and super excited and focused on good nutrition and such not this week I have been too busy and stressed. I finally got everything done, house clean, baseball scored and finished, (they won, yay) packed, car loaded and we are rolling so I am just now getting excited! I can’t wait! I love the energy of the start line, not as much as the energy at the finish line! Right now in this moment I am not ruling out running the full half (haha, that sounds funny). I am not ready to concede to the shorter distance but you know sitting here thinking (blogging) about it and actually doing it is different. I get a lot of confidence in my ability as I talk about it! I am feeling good and can’t wait.

I am having a hard time finding the right words to express my excitement. I love running. I love beating myself and by that I mean beating that voice that says “this is too hard” or “you will never accomplish anything like that you aren’t good enough.” Maybe that is why I come back to it every year! Well, I come back to the Portland race for strip clubs after, but I need to, for some reason. I need running to prove to myself that I can do it. That I can do something hard and finish and that hard work pays off it’s proven in that medal that they put around my neck. That is why the medal is so important to runners! That is our proof that we did something hard! Actually it our proof to show others that we did something hard. Our proof to ourselves is the sore muscles!  I can’t wait to conquer that course tomorrow! By conquer I mean cross the finish line!Slower than a herd of turtles

If you have never done a race I challenge you! Even if is walking and not running there is nothing like seeing your hard work pay off and that medal going around your neck is such a palpable of a feeling of accomplishment! It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you did it. YOU DID IT!!! There is nothing else in life so rewarding, except for having a baby that is a finish line like no other but you can’t repeat those kinds of finish lines don’t happen every year (unless you’re Michelle Duggar).

So I am going to sit back and be excited for tomorrow. I have to decide what I am going to eat. Something not to ‘unhealthy’ but also something that will give me fuel to sustain tomorrow’s morning race! Check back tomorrow I will post my finish time and maybe a picture of my favorite running sign (I love marathon signs so if you are in Portland make a sign and come watch!) Have a great night, if you are also running the race good luck and have fun! Enjoy your finish line moment!