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Happy Monday! At first today felt like a Sunday after going out last night in Portland. We always have so much fun going out in Portland. We went to some strip clubs, the first is a well know steakhouse so we ate dinner there. After we finished dinner we sat and watched dancers for a while, then we went across town to another club. The second club had dancers that were much more personable, which made the experience more fun. And Besides, who doesn’t like boobies in their face?…

(Side note…. Ok, so today I have to confess that I am pushing myself to be bold and write what I am thinking and what is on my mind. Which may cause you to get judgmental on my. I am feeling the door opening for judgment. I am also questioning myself why can’t I just be me? This is the reason I blog and the reason I use a “pen name” but yes it is hard for me to be bold and put myself out there and to think I might be judged and misinterpreted. But I want to express the reason I do this is to encourage healthiness in relationships and I feel couples enjoying each other’s sexuality and having fun together is good and that is what the Hubs and I did yesterday…)

At the second club we were at, not only were the girls more forward and friendly they were also better dancers and performers. There were quite a few of them that caught my attention by wearing sparkly butt plugs. Now stop cringing it was pretty sexy and don’t knock anything until you try it. Yes, you read that right they had a special kind of jewelry. At first I felt myself being judgmental. It was not as weird as I would have thought if you told me the strippers would be wearing sparkly butt plugs. It was actually pretty cool. The way body jewelry was pretty cool. I decided that I wanted one too.

So I have spoken before about my Njoy butt plug. Not at huge length but I have I think I may have mentioned it in the “You Can Be My Back Door Man” hump day challenge. I have a butt plug. I have always been a bit anti-anal but in recent years I have become more open with more experience.  I have come to really enjoy anal play as well as DP play. The Njoy butt plug is a stainless steel weighted butt plug. It can be used for extended wear, which I don’t do much but, you could if you wanted. I have done some extended wear but nothing more that wearing it while cooking dinner when no one other than the hubs is home, (I must admit it is kind of a turn on having it in it.

 When I purchased my Njoy plug from a sex store in City Center in Las Vegas the lady there said that most people end up wanting a bigger one so she encouraged us to buy the medium when we originally purchased it. We (I) decided to stick with the smaller size being scared of going too big. However, there have been moments that I have thought that I would like a bigger one. Mostly when using it while having sex. I have considered mail ordering the next size up of the Njoy plug. But now I want a sparkly one.

So we stopped at Castles on the way home and bought a sparkly butt plug! I was bold and decided to go bigger with this one. What a good opportunity for me to adventure and try something new. So I did. I was bold and said, I am going to try to go up a size. Now, if you are new to the idea of butt plugs just do some research and see the options and how not really crazy these are, they are not THAT big. They have a tapered area that narrows down and keeps things not spread wide open and uncomfortable. (OK that was not stated very well but I hope you get my drift.) I suggest your start small and experiment. The metal plugs are fun because you can add temperature play as well. Start them off cold or warm (I like mine warm to start with usually but if we get the butt plug out in the middle of sex cold is fun!) ….I am feeling a Hump Day Challenge coming on…

Anyway we had a fun time in Portland. We had a amazing hotel sex after we went out to strip clubs and let go of inhibitions. Got out the Njoy butt plug too. We had a great time as a couple and I think our relationship benefited from this weekend. We both had fun, neither was pulling the other into something that we didn’t want to do. The Hubs is usually easier to convince to open up and relax at the strip clubs I usually need a moment to get my barings but once I do I have a lot of fun. What I like about going to strip clubs is that we get to have fun and be flirty and get the affirmation from someone else that we have a great partner, both of us do! We have fun together. I am not suggesting that this would be as good for everyone else as it is for us, but it could be. You must be trusting of each other. You are there to have fun together, no sneaking off with a dancer alone or pushing your mate to do anything they don’t want to. It is about the two of you not about the strippers or finding someone better than your partner. It is a great couple thing for us. It helps boost our attraction to each other, it helps us relax and be adventurous. We have fun together and are reminded of that when we do these things and just have fun! No judgments, just fun!

Find something that is your reboot thing. Something that gets you two to relax stop looking at the negative things and draws you closer together. For some reason strip clubs do that for us! We have so much fun and we have great sex after and there is no resentment or judgment or thinking in the back of your head does he like her more…. None of that! Just plain unadultured fun! I hope you find that! I can’t wait to play with my new toy tonight and hey, maybe you will get a new hump day challenge out of it!