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I had a two massages this AM and am trying to force myself to clean and am struggling I work training at the bar tonight from 4-9. I am running out of time to blog today so here is a quickie. This quote pic spoke to me. It was sent to me by a great friend if mine and it fits me so well!

I am overwhelmed but excited for my new journey. With my massage business taking off, now being the only employed massage therapist there, and now bartending. I just need to figure out how to not be tired all the time and use every second to keep up with house work…or I need to hire a cleaning fairy..aka house cleaner. I have texted my friend who used to do my house I just have to commit to sending my hard earned money on her…

Anyway, my momma is here to chat for a few before she gets the kids and I head to the bar for work training 🙂

Have a great weekend and enjoy your life folks! Some things can wait, don’t over stress for everything to be perfect! Live Laugh Love!