Happy Saturday! It is late but I am getting it in today (unless you are on the East Coast and it is tomorrow already.) I do have a lot to say but haven’t been able to stop to write today. We got up and headed to Grandma’s house.

Yesterday I worked my first Friday shift! It was fun and a bit crazy too. I experienced my first “feeding frenzy” which is when a Pull tab game is hot and everyone is playing the same game. Then you have to go in order to get everyone’s tab because inevitably someone is going to get pissed that you gave the winner to someone else and not them. However, everyone was very nice to me and understanding of my slowed pace due to learning how to do things. I only made 2 mixed drinks the rest were just beer and whisky coke type. But I made a Tequila Sunrise and two Lemon Drop shots. I did not over fill a pitcher or waste too much beer from foam. Still haven’t made food yet but it was fun. After my shift the Hubs met me for our Friday night date and at about 12 I got super tired and faded fast. I am still super tired. My trainers told me I did a good job and I am feeling pretty confident and enjoying my new adventure.

Today we got up and packed for the weekend and headed over the mountains to Grandparents house. We made a few stops on the way had a couple funny conversations and giggled about a flatulent comment from the boy. It went like this:

The Boy: I have to fart (as we passed by a sewer truck)

The Girl: You stink bad

The Boy: What? I had to fart!

Me: Can we not use that word please.

The Hubs: Really?! Seriously you don’t like that word Oh My Gosh!!! He is a boy!

Me: I just don’t like it! Never have I just don’t like toilet talk!

The Hubs to The Boy: You can say Flatulence buddy!

The Boy:  OK sorry! I had to FAT-ulent!!  (which he thought was pretty funny because he said fat in reference to himself. He is far from fat!)

All of us cracked up laughing and trying not to smell the sewer truck and I don’t think the boy ever realized the smell was from him!

Our son is a chatterbox! Especially when we drive. I think it is because he takes after me and either gets car sick or falls asleep and there is no way he wants to miss anything!!!! It is pretty funny and entertaining except when I want to sleep in the car and he says something to me and when I don’t respond he follows it up with “Mom, can you hear me? MOM CAN YOU HEAR ME? DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?” Then if I don’t answer it is followed by The Hubs telling him to be quiet… Which may be funny if you are not me! My son is pretty funny and entertaining, Unless you are trying to sleep.

Our long weekend has started off pretty well! We are sitting telling stories with the in laws now about hilarious things that happened last summer! Why have I not heard the Elk story from the BBQ Gramps took the boy to last summer….and the most recent things being said have included sheep service animals, double decker cow haulers and “have you seen how much those cows shit?” “I never realized the cows were double dickered” “I knew the sheep were!”  “Have you noticed how many service animals are around lately? Everybody and their brother have service animals!” …”I am going to to get a service sheep and wear a sign that says P.U.S.S. (Person Utilizing Service Sheep)”…this is too funny to keep writing!