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So we are driving home from Grandma and Grampa’s house. It is about a 2 and a half hour drive. We were talking about how expensive the kids are. The Boy says The Girl is more expensive because of dance, but I said until she gets a full ride scholarship. Then he said well, what if I get a football scholarship? So, we made a deal whoever gets the higher scholarship doesn’t have to pay for a college graduation celebration cruise with the family. Trying to motivate the kids to work hard and inspire a bit of friendly competition!

I don’t even know if they want to go to college but for now they have an incentive to work hard and do their best for a pretty nice reward! Hoping that made an impact and this weekend created memories as well as a bit if drive to win! I am sure this is going to need some follow up and reminders when it gets tough but hard work will pay off!


Back at home we are chilling kids are playing catch in the back yard the Hubs and I are sipping on some brews and just relaxing. I am getting my head ready for a busy week. Two baseball games, training at the bar dance rehearsals oh and my day job, massage. I need to meal plan grocery shop and clean house too…it may be time to hire a house cleaner… In just do t want to part with a nights worth if tips to do so since I am not working that much yet! …gotta figure this shit out and fast! But for bow I am going to go snuggle in my favorite spot in the corner of the couch with The Hubs! Take in these last few moments of this three day weekend.
Thank you to and remembering those who died in service for our country so we can have this three day weekend. USA!