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Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday and OMG! I am feeling so overwhelmed! Between my Things will work outwork at my massage office, learning bartending and to work at the bar, real life as in house work, grocery shopping, laundry, baseball scoring and team mom and end of season stuff, then add in my dance class, workouts that aren’t happening…I am just feeling overwhelmed so it is time to call in for help, wish I could hire someone to go grocery shopping for me but, I haven’t told the Hubs this yet, I am using part of my first few days of tips to hire a house cleaner to get my house in order and get back on top of the 8 ball. It is time to just get it done and get on track. So I will be handing over a nights worth of tips or so to have someone else clean up my clutter and get it to a place where we can all maintain it while I am working! For now this is a one time event we’ll see how we do after I get my schedule going and see if we need her regularly or not.

So in life, Baseball is coming to a close in the next few weeks, dance auditions for next year’s team is coming up and the girl can’t decide if she wants to even do it. 5th grade camp is two weeks away and then the end of the school year! The kids will be gone for a couple weeks with Gram and Gramps we may be going to Nationals, we will be going to Montana for a week. I have to do CEUs for Massage this week!!! There is a lot on my plate! I need to prioritize and get shit done! So for today this blog is short and sweet and just about finished, and still not making sense or flowing in any way that a blog should but who the fuck cares, at least I am writing!

I love you people keep reading and following I am pretty sure I will not literally explode, but I may! Whatever happens it will be fun to watch or read about! My next task is to figure out tomorrow hump day challenge! Maybe even try it out tonight! We’ll see!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday that feels like a Monday!