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Happy Sunday Fun Day! Is it obvious that today has been busy. It has been fun though. We started with a baseball game. The Boy’s team played in their end of season interleague tournament. The won their second game in the tournament keeping them in the winners bracket! They play their next game on Tuesday against a team in our regular season league, we have played this team quite a few times and lost every time. It is a very well coached team. Our team is playing well together. Today’s game was probably their best this year, hopefully we can keep that energy going and kick butt Tuesday and keep it going!

Then we went to a birthday party for a friend of ours. His birthday was Thursday. He shares his birthday with my dad! Which of course gives him a special place in my heart! We had fun the kids played pool with daddy and I sat and chatted most of the time. And had my first birthday cake shot celebrating both our friend and my birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

So tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 36. I have loved all of my 30’s. 30s are fun but for some reason the number 36 is a bit daunting to me or something! I remember feeling about the same way when I turned 26 but still loved my 20s and survived the next 10 years. So I decided since it is my birthday and I have been having some problems following through with weight loss and dieting nand nutrition I am going to use my birthday as a reminder that I am not getting any younger and to get my health to place I want it to be for a long time I need to be more proactive and make better choices. I don’t know my specifics yet. As we all know I am the type that needs rules to follow so I can lose weight and so I can stay healthy. If I don’t have solid rules I tend to bend them too much and end up where I am at right now and that is not where I want to be. So other than my birthday party I am giving up alcohol for at least until after my next half marathon scheduled on June 13. Then who knows.

This is the first year in a while that I have not “pregamed my birthday! There have been many years we have gone out on the day before my birthday and at midnight is when we take a birthday shot or have a birthday drink or at least a birthday kiss. …..oooh I get birthday sex tomorrow too!!!! Yay me! But tomorrow morning I have to work at the massage office so I figure it would be a better idea to do it tomorrow night and for go the pre-birthday-gaming! The Hubs has his last night of school too. He teaches in the apprentice ship program for his industry and tomorrow is a final test so in theory he should be done early and we can celebrate that too! But you never know, we will see.

Anyway I am going to get back to couch time with the hubs and hopefully tomorrow I will have more purpose flu things to write but you know sometimes these nothing matters posts are fun. They are for anyway!

Here’s to couch time!