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Happy Tuesday! Today is the first day in two weeks or so that I haven’t had an appointment or had to be somewhere until later today. I have a hard time getting going. I am so tired. I think that my body just kind of collapsed since I had no schedule today at least not until later. It happens a lot. I have a hard time getting going when I have no schedule. I wish I could just get my self going. This is one reason I need a schedule but also, down time is needed too. It is all about balance.

I have a hard time achieving balance. I always have! I over do it all the time! I am either over doing it or undergoing it! Why can’t I just get my shit together and be 697c17db31ce9270a51b2a5d8404abf3balanced? I know this is a struggle for more people than just me! It is something that I want to work on for sure! I always struggle with balance. I want to live in the moment more to enjoy what I have right now but I fail to prepare for dinner. I want to lose weight so I cut out crabs and sweets and then I can’t just let myself have a little bit of cake I end up eating a whole cake! I am doing better with this one: I go out with friends for dinner and drinks and end up hung over (like I said I am doing better with this one but still…a struggle). I want to work out and be healthy so I do half marathons and if I don’t have time for a 5 mile run I decide I don’t have time to work out. Seriously this is annoying. I am annoying to myself in these situations and I don’t really even know what the answer is. Yes I do, the answer is balance.

I am just venting, getting this off my chest. One day I will figure it out, I hope. I know preparation is key. Planning is key but that takes time and attentions span that doesn’t come naturally to me. I just have to sit down and plan and focus on what is important. Stay in the moment but don’t forget to plan dinner or that you have a budget. Any exercise is better than no exercise forget the ego of having to go for a long run and just run! I live on a pretty easy and pretty nice two mile loop that will take less than a half hour I can get that in everyday without tanking my day. There are a lot of easy solutions like this. I need to be mindful of what I want in life and the results I want out of each day. I need to not over commit myself, that is probably not going to happen so, I need to plan my life to make life easier and better and healthier!

The good part is these are easy fixes in my life. I can do it! I just have to stop getting overwhelmed and stop and look at what is in front of me and what I want out of each day, situation, and be more efficient. I can do it! So can you! Now, after I take a nap I will get going on today….LOL jk.