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Happy Monday! What a great day to have a birthday a Monday! My plan today was to start off the week and the year of being 36 right with a long run and a good healthy lunch, but then, the girl woke up sick with a fever so she didn’t go to school and I lost my opportunity to have a “me” day after my one scheduled massage. But oh well, it was still my birthday and the day that is my birthday is always better than the rest.

So I could say that is was a bad day but it was not. It was just a day that did not go as I had planned and did not meet my expectations of an amazing break out day that is the one that I was born on 36 years ago. But that does not make it a bad day. It was just a day. Later the Hubs is taking me out for drinks and I put a message out on Facebook to invite my friends out. But it is a Monday and I have no expectations that anyone will be there. So if I have friends show up that will make me even more happy. But it will be a very much needed night out for the hubs and I and we will enjoy my day or should I say night!

Today also consisted of auditions for the girl for her dance team next year! She, being sick with a fever of 100.6, went and learned her routine and performed for the instructors (Judges) and owners of the studio. Thankfully they let her go home early to get some rest as they know she has been sick and was even at the doctors today. So when we got home tonight, Gram was here watching So You Think You Can Dance. The girl is getting inspired by these dancers and igniting her passion or at least I am. She said she almost cried in her audition but wouldn’t tell me why. Weird, she obviously wanted to say something but didn’t… I tried to tell her she was safe to talk to me but for some reason she didn’t want to share. I hope that she does, one day, feel comfortable sharing these things with me so that I can be there for her in her struggles whether it is emotional or just moral support. Gotta give her space sometimes though, let her approach the subject when she is ready and let her know I am here. That is all I can do.

Well it is my birthday! It is my special day! I am going to enjoy the rest of it. So I think I am going to do my long birthday run tomorrow. No worries it is still my birthday week and I will enjoy it…. yes the whole week!!!

Have a great day, Happy Birthday to me! ❤