Today’s post is brought to you by my thoughts during a nooner today. The Hub’s had a half day at work today, he went in late after my first massage appointment and I stopped at home for 45 minutes before I had to go to a meeting. He was still naked in bed so of course we took advantage of the down time and had a nooner. I would also have called it a quickie. Now this might be TMI but we tend to have longer sex sessions than probably the average couple. We usually go at it for at least an hour and today it was about 20 minutes. So it brought me to think “what defines a quickie?”

So the Hub’s and I talked about it and he said a quickie can’t involve oral sex, which is why our nooner today was called nooner and not a quickie. “As long as I go down on you, then it is no longer a quickie”. Which I could get on board with, I can agree to that. But I would be inclined to think originally that a quickie would be defined as being quick but what defines a quickie.

So here is my take, a quickie is just that a quick. Although I do believe that you can have a quickie with oral sex you know, a quickie blow job… but a quickie cannot include anything that is done for any reason other than to get closer to having a Orgasm. It has to be quick I think under 15 minutes (no one likes a one minute man we are not talking about that). Start to finish you have to start sex for the purpose of getting off. Let’s not place a time limit on it. So your one and only goal is to get off the big O! You do things that feel good obviously but it is about your intent and your intent in a quickie is to get off and to get your partner off.

So my conclusion (and I am sure this will come back up later but the preliminary conclusion) is that the definition of a quickie is about intent. Your intent is to get off. You do what gets you off quick and what gets your partner off quick. So no feel good stuff to get you turned on or feel good or feel lovey your intent is to get off. Now go have a quickie!

What’s your take? There may be more discussion needed will return to this in the future I am sure. Have a great night!