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So last night’s Birthday party was so much fun. A bunch of my peeps came out and so did a friend who shares my Birthday week. It was her actual birthday yesterday! Was so fun celebrating with her! Her and I got to take Blow Job shots from the laps of our husband’s. With the crew went to the next bar and sang karaoke and then the night faded away from me. Apparently we came back to the house and I put myself to bed. (Good choice drunk Ruby!) Regardless it was a blast!! No hangover either whoo hoo!


And then today I had to bartend. There was a pool tournament and beer pong tournament at the place I work so I was brought in for reinforcement. It was fun. Well, as fun as working inside on beautiful hot sunny day when your family is home can be. Pretty uneventful but had the first experience deciding when to cut someone off and made lots of food. I got a compliment from a customer too he said “You’re a really good bartender” made me feel good. Although I did break the ice machine lid (not my fault it has issues) and a glass today. (Totally my fault I was reorganizing the chilled glasses, I am a bit OCD that the cold ones don’t get mixed with the hot ones just coming out of the dishwasher, it slipped out of my hand.)

Anyway I am sitting here on the couch with my family enjoying some downtime on a Saturday night. Thinking it would be fun to go have some adult time with the Hubs but also enjoying just relaxing. Have a good Saturday night folks!