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BODIESHappy Sunday. Today is the day before The Girl and I leave for camp. We will be gone 4 days. I still have to pack and get a few supplies. Then on Saturday I will be running the Rock and Roll Marathon! It has been a busy few weeks and it is not slowing down this week at all. So I will be at camp this week, I am not sure what I am going to do about the blog. I have considered pre writing a few short posts or picture quotes or something and prescheduling them to post this week (probably wont have time for that) or I may write it on my phone in bed or during a break time. Since I probably won’t have WiFi my Surface is probably¬†not an option :(. We’ll see I am just going to play it by ear.

OK so today it is 87 or so degrees outside. I have been outside doing a bit of yard work and decided that I needed to run through the sprinkler with the kids. I went inside and something made me want to wear a two piece. For the last few summers I have planned to lose weight so I can wear a bikini. But every year I am left with this body that I have. I struggle with my weight and decided I am doing it. I am putting on my halter bikini top and boy shorts bottoms. So I walked outside (embarrassed The Boy) and rocked my bikini body. No holding myself in weird positions just walked out and was me in this body wearing a bikini!

So I then decided I do have a bikini body, do you know how I got it? I put on a bikini! Fuck all the ripples and rolls and muffin tops just rock that beautiful curvaceous body that you were blessed with! Show those tiger stripes (stretch marks) Bikini-Body-Mommy-Stretch-Marksyou were left with when you were given the gift of your beautiful children! Feel the wind on the skin of your midriff and look at your belly ring sparkle in the sunlight! I am going to embrace my body this summer! I will show it off and not be ashamed of it!

I also will continue to be more healthy and achieve the look that I would like but I will not be ashamed of the look that I have! For some reason this year I am wanting to show off my skin and I have that right. If you don’t like it, take into consideration why. Are you ashamed of your body? Are you embarrassed for me? (If so stop there is nothing to be embarrassed about) I am 5′ 5″ tall and weigh around 185 (today, I tend to fluctuate within 3-5 pounds every week). I am not magazine cover material but I believe that my husband loves this body because of who is inside of it and I am allowed to show off the skin and feel the wind on my midriff just as much as the ladies 30-40 pounds lighter than me! I will love this body if it takes me exposing it this summer that’s what it will be. Thank God for this body!

So there is my rant and me trying to accept my body and allowing myself to be in a bikini. Yes there is a bit of justification because deep down I am still ashamed I am not toner or thinner or smaller. But I do know that I am worthy of loving myself where I am at and I am worthy of being beautiful in a bikini!

Love you self in your body I posted a pic in my weight loss group today with the hashtag ‘love you selfie’ #Loveyourselfie I am working on it and I think everyone else should too!