On the bus for the ride to camp. I have a group of fun 5th grade girls. We are on the bus after a quick ferry ride. Thank goodness the teachers let us get off the bus! The ride after the ferry is another hour and forty five minutes! I need another pee break!

I just realize this travel time being 2 and 1/2 hours I could fly to Vegas in that time. And I get served food by really nice flight attendants. And I can take pee breaks! I so want a trio to Vegas! It has been way too long. Not to mention I want to see my good friends who live there…

The Girl just fell into the isle on the bus when we went around the corner. She was okay. We got to a really sharp turn our bus driver made it around like a champ the other bus driver crashed into a tree.

My group of girls is alright. Got in a lot of playing and walking, a lot of organized activities. So it helps to keep tabs

on them and also helps reign them in and wear them out. In our group we have A drama queen, a couple who like to be left alone I have ready told my group no divas allowed and that they will be respectful to everyone.

It now lights out time and the might on my phone is kind of keeping the girls up. Will write when I can tomorrow!