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It is Tuesday at 5th Grade Camp during quiet time. Yes these girls are in 5th grade and the teachers are making us give them quiet time. It is much needed though.

I am turning into a drill sergeant type counselor right now. I am not putting up with gossip or drama or talking about other people not here. I want these girls to listen and follow directions and be respectful. The fun easy going chaperone has to also lay down the law at some point and Tuesday seemed like the right day.

After quiet time we will be doing our cabin clean up jobs, seeping the bathroom and shower rooms mopping those areas too, washing sinks, washing mirrors and organizing bed areas. Tonight I am going to have them all take showers so in the morning they can sleep later and just have to get dressed organize and sweep their area and we can be on time to breakfast. Who knew I would be ‘Washing Clothes’ here too.

It is interesting how each girl has chosen to use their quiet time. The Girl and her bestie are on her bed writing and/or drawing. One girl is napping, on girl is on her bed “writing” but tearing out a page in her journal not so “quietly” to see if she can get even more attention. OneĀ  campers loves to draw but on her own terms she gets irritated with girl drama and would rather be in a boys cabin rough housing with the boys. One reading alone and the other drawing or writing minding her own business. They are all doing good. I am impressed right now with them they have settled in nicely. We have about 5 minutes left in their quite time. I want to extend it 20 minutes this is nice.

Gotta get back to chaperoning. This writing helped my bitchy chaperone feeling looking forward to a great afternoon!