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Happy Hump Day! Since I am at camp I don’t think it is exactly appropriate for me to write a full on Hump Day Challenge. Writing an explicit article about sex just feels wrong.

For today’s hump day challenge I will just say this: JUST HAVE SEX!! If you are with your spouse/lover just do IT! Enjoy the body of you lover caress, kiss, make out, make love and fuck!!! Have fun.

I am secretly jealous of all of you who are actually with the person you love I miss the Hubs and can’t wait to jump his bones!!!

My girls are doing their quiet time right now and I am going to do a little bit of silent meditations too. So go have a fun hump day and please have sex with your mate because I can’t! Have a great day everyone! I am enjoying camp and I think the girls are too! So far my favorite part has been getting serenaded by my cabin group last night as we got ready for bed! I have some great singers in here!