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So I just picked up my race packet for tomorrow’s half marathon! No 10k option

…so I started writing this waiting for the ferry. I was told I would make the ferry but didn’t. The line I was in didn’t move WTF WASHDOT?! The guy at the booth acted like it was no big deal but it was the next ferry was over an hour and a half later. I had to drive and got home just 15 minutes before that ferry would’ve. I not only missed picking the kids up but was late for my shift at the bar!….
It was a stressful crazy day! I have a race tomorrow I am excited but definitely mess than prepared. The Hubs and I blew up at each other and are obviously stressed I so need my 13 mile run tomorrow to release some stress! Can’t wait for Sunday we have family football fest and can just enjoy the day no rushing back for a schedule.
I need to get back to cuddle time with the hubs and get to bed soon to be ready for the race! Wake up time is 5am!