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How’d you like the during the run blog post?


There it is the Hardware I worked so hard for today. I felt good up through 8 by mile nine I was starting to hurt. After that the race loops around Settle down Seneca and up into the Alaskan Way Viaduct during mile 11 or so but going down that hill is rough! I did hurt going down that hill. I walked a lot of the 12th mile but ran (slower than a herd of turtles running through mud, but I ran!) mile 13 and the point freaking 1 to the finish!

I am so happy I did it, I almost gave up and said “Fuck it, I am not ready, it too much, we are too busy.” But I committed to do it and I did! I am proud of myself and it was not my slowest time ever (I don’t think so anyway).

I feel accomplished and proud. Shout out to Toyota cheer station at the end! They had some amazing quote posters (do you think I can remember them? Uh, no!) But it helped on that last turn up to the finish! (All the race signs were awesome keep it up marathon spectators!)

Have a great day I will enjoy this runners high for a while! Can’t wait for my next one…maybe August… I am currently sitting at the bar in Sport waiting for an amazing Ranch Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwich (don’t judge me Injust ran 13 miles!) before the Hubs and the Boy get here to pick me up! I love Seattle enjoyed the Rock and Roll Seattle #RnRSEA

I need to shout out to the Hubs for being my rock and supporting me through the race. I was texting him the whole time. When I needed encouragement he was there with encouraging words even though he was trying to tech a class! And he got up super early to drive me here and is coming back to pick me up! He rocks!