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Went to the Seahawks and USA Football Mom’s clinic today. One of my favorite Seahawks alumni was there Robbie Tobek! Was a great Center and anchored our Seahawks through the Superbowl 40/Mike Holmgren era! I was start struck and of course took a selfie with him, (which was the highlight if my night)! Also heard great lectures on Nutrition, and concussion management as well as a refresher on equipment fitting, then we got to get out on the field and run through some tackling drills. All in all it was a great time. I will do it again! Next time I will grab some moms from PeeWees and have a crew of us Wolfpack mommas.

While I was at the Mom’s clinic I missed closing ceremonies for baseball, and the announcement of the Boy getting selected for the baseball All-Star team!

He set a goal for that and he made it. The only sad part is that he may have to miss going to Yellowstone with his Grandparents… Wonder if they can postpone their reservations? The Boy made the decision to be 100% committed to the All-Star team no matter what though. Good on him for being committed. However, I did tell the league that he was not available for AllStars so I wonder why they selected him anyway… Makes a sticky situation in the family… It’s what he wants to do so he will play baseball! The one thing that will be nice is that The Hubs doesn’t have to coach. He can be the supportive dad! The Hubs will like that and I think the Boy will do well with maybe a little pressure off of him… Or maybe now there’s more…who knows. Better keep my baseball mom hat on for a little while longer I guess.

I am so ready for football! Especially after this Mom’s clinic! Can’t wait for kids to be strapping up the pads and hearing the sound of pads hitting pads and the whistle of the coaches drills, Give Me Two!!! (That’s how our coaches get the player’s attention.)

I am super excited to see another side of the Boy and baseball. I hope it is a good experience and I hope the Boy still gets to go on vacation with Gram and Gramps! A lot of unknown right now. Summer starting, new coach and new team, excitement and nerves boiling up in me already. Practice 6 days a week for now until the first game which is July 5 (or something). New Adventure upon us! I guess, all I can say is GO EASTERN!!!