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So today was the first day in quite a few weeks that I really had nothing on the schedule. I did take advantage of the down time with some much needed couch time! I did get some minor chores done, had to take the Boy and the Girl to get some dance shoes and the Boy woke up with an earache so had to take him to the Doctor today too. First All-Star practice today too, that was intense and weird. Now I am with the Hubs on the way to his softball game.

So sticking with my lazy-ish day here is kind of a lazy post too. I saw this meme “What Is Your Summer Cocktail Name” mine is: Relaxing Orgasm! Couldn’t be more fitting for me right?! As a massage therapist, bartender and sex blogger … I plan to make a Relaxing Orgasm Cocktail… I think it will be Vodka based, made with some sort of lavender infused simple syrup…

Let me try this: Grape flavored Vodka, Lavender Simple Syrup, sweet and sour and sprite. Muddle with some lemons and limes shake and serve in a sugared rim glass.

I so could use this right now…guess what I’ll be making when I get home? I feel edgy and stressed for some reason. Busy week with baseball (I’m stressed about All-stars), Dance and I totally forgot the Boy is dancing and he has baseball at the same time as dress rehearsal! (Aahhh!!!!). Anyway, just got to the field time to go watch the Hubs!