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Today is show day! I have posted the last few days about dance! I love dancing and love performing and being on stage. I love watching my kids on stage and in their element! Today is that day we get to do it!

Wait, Hold please this literally just happened as I was starting this post! ~OMG I just asked the Boy to unload the dishwasher as I was starting to write. My plan was to have him unload and then the Girl load the dirty dished that need to be put in the dishwasher. He asked “Can the Girl help me” I said “No! You can do what I asked and not worry about what the Girl is doing!” I am so tired of the kids thinking that it is so painful to do what they are asked when they are asked it’s like they afraid to work and put effort into this house and helping out, especially when they think they are the only ones doing it! Because that’s what I do you know, I only have one kid do work the other gets to play and have no chores they are the favored one! Will they ever realize that it is not all “Mom’s show” I work areal job now (actually two) and even if I didn’t work they could help out! They need to learn to do chores because when they grow up they won’t have me to fall back on to dpi t if they decide not to! They know one day mom will just do it because that is what I do when they don’t it may take a few days but I get tired of asking and tired of the Hub’s complaining about suit not being done so I just say “Fuck It” and do it myself. Today I am home to watch them not do what I asked, so I call them out and then they back talk…. This week I have not been home to watch them or call them out. Surprisingly enough, when I left them alone one day they got more of what I asked done than the day Gramma came and hung out.

Am I asking too much? I don’t think so! I want my kids to respect me and do what I ask the first time! Seriously, this happened right as I was going to write about how happy I am today being show day, so disappointing! Why do my kidsbc6926c20a648243cb20e5a2fc638b4b think that I don’t deserve respect. Is it because I let other people walk all over me. The kids see me feeling bad that I am not perfect around the house so that opens up doubt and they pounce like a sneaky tiger and bam I am caught off guard and usually filled with guilt. They hear the Hub’s complain to me about me not having house work done so, do they think that it is my job and they shouldn’t have to do it? As the mom I am tasked with grocery shopping and cleaning and cooking and organizing the house functions but that doesn’t mean it is all “MY” work! It is my job to make this family flow and sometimes that means me asking my kids or husband to help get tasks accomplished around the house when I can’t get it done. It has nothing to do with me being a slacker! I know I am nothing even close to a slacker! Yes I choose to write sometimes instead of put laundry away but even that doesn’t make me a slacker. There are only so many hours a day and so many days a week! There are 4 people who live here and it takes more than just one, even if she is a super mom, to keep this place running smoothly!

With that said, I need to go put laundry away in my room and get ready for the show tonight! I am super excited for the show I love Dancing (see yesterday’s post) Can’t wait for my moment on stage tonight! Maybe, just maybe, I might be able to sneak back and watch my kids… Probably not hopefully the video gets done fast so I can watch it!!! I miss watching my kids, since I am dancing I also volunteer to help keep the little dancers safe while they are not on stage and their parents can watch them. I miss that part, the watching on my kids on stage part! Oh well! I will sit and watch the video with the kids. I need to try to make it a special event, more on that later! Happy Show Day!