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Happy Father’s Day! Shout out to the Hubs for being such a great provider, teacher, supporter and dad to our children. He is always there for us. He has had to sacrifice a lot of time and things and money to be THAT Dad that they, no we, need! He coaches, taxis, helps with homework, pays bills and make sure they have everything they need, all while taking care of all the adult things in life too! He is a great Dad and I am lucky to have him as my counterpart, my partner in this parenting thing! I love him and think tonight he will get an extra special treat when we close (and lock) our bedroom doors!

If you have a Dad, call or text or email or visit him and tell him how much you appreciate him. If you can be with him do something special for him! Have the children help do dishes and bring him sports illustrated and his slippers, let him have the remote, or something that will make him feel like today is a special day for him to relax. (Later, give his penis a mouth hug!) If you don’t have a Dad doing something special for a Dad. They all need us to remember them on Father’s Day!

We took the Hubs and my FIL to the Mariners Game! They lost but we had a blast. It was nice to be together! I love my family and am so glad I get to be married my children’s father and my best friend and love of my life!

I miss my Dad! Especially on days like today that are for being with your dad. I know he would be proud of me and my kids. I am glad I have the Hubs to hug when I miss him, it would be so much harder without him! I would have loved to take my dad to a Mariner’s game he would have loved it! Time to go give the Hubs a hug, for the appreciation I have fo him and for the comfort I get from him when I miss my dad. I just love that man!

Happy Father’s Day!!


Love you my Hubs enjoy the night!